The Escala Diagram

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The Escala Diagram
The Escala diagrams Kaliís Lines of attack. These lines represent the path an attack can travel to its target. By tracing these lines with a weapon, the body becomes familiar with each motion, increasing muscle memory, relaxation, and accuracy; which will produce increased speed and  effectiveness.
The weapon may travel up or down these lines. It can repeat, skip lines or change angles at will in order to hit its target or defend against attack.
Different grips can change the feel of the strikes, but the practice of the angles remain the same.

Male Triangle     Female Triangle
The Escala is also used to show the angles of movement. By connecting the ends of the Escala it creates triangles, squares, diamonds, stars and many other geometric patterns that can be used to train moving quickly along lines of approach and retreat, vectoring in and around opponents.
Techniques can be performed while  radiating out from the center of the Escala. The beginning pattern we use usually starts this way: Stepping out to #1 with the left foot then back and out to #2 with the right foot then back, and left to #3 and back, right to #4 and back, step rear to #5 and back, step rear to #6 and repeat mix it up and use any combination or free style it. If you close the ends of each triangle you can see the male and female triangles that can also be followed. Use single or double sticks/knives or empty hand techniques.
Or instead of radiating out from the center, try following the outer lines by stepping to each intersection or point of the triangle. Starting at 1. shuffle step right with the right foot with the left following. 2. Step 45* forward and left with the left foot first followed by the right. 3. Step 45* rear and left with the left foot followed by the right and you have returned to the beginning! Follow all the angles and combinations of triangles, squares and letters (M,W,N,L, and etc.) and you develop very effective foot work. Add punching or weapon strikes and you get a great solo drill.