The moon

This is my todays solution to attach a CCD-camera (Nikon Coolpix 900) on a telescoop. Look for the results to a reduced version of the moon. On the full sized version you can find the name of some craters (33 species), the size and the depth. You must have some patience to download all the images and walking trough the whole area. In the future I'll bring better images and informatisation of the documentation. Today it is a prototype, tomorrow you'll have more.

moonz (in test, you'll need Netscape 4.79) - craters

moon2r(38k) (at 2001.01.16-06:34 UT)
moon1r(84k) - moon1f(285k) (at 2001.01.28-18:58 UT)



Feel free to look at the results of others :

Tranquillity Base Observatory
Gunther Groenez
Hubert De Grootte
Antares, Lunar eclips 2001.01.09
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Usefull tools :
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Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5
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The International Occultation Timing Association
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