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Welcome to my Web site!

I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Jerry Garrison, and I live in Connecticut with my  three (now 2, my 24 year old baby, LJ, died just before Christmas 2004) cats.  Two of the horses I have owned (VERY large babies) are Winfield Alan and One-Eyed Willie.

I've attempted to put together some of my genealogy on this site (sorry, Mom, mainly from Dad's side.)  Also, I worried about some of the documents which were wide and short; I've tried to put them in the way I think they look the best.  If you feel like you have to stand on your head to see them, please let me know and I'll either change them or e-mail you a straight copy.  I'm also in the process of getting all of the pages searchable;  until then my Tables of Contents will have to suffice. (I've taken a different approach to my genealogy at )  Genealogy, VERY large babies, Search, Table of contents .

But, just as much as it is my pages, I want to make it a meeting and reference place for those who preceded me and helped make me who I am, and for others trying to learn about them.  If you have pictures, scanned documents, something that you think should be on here, please let me know and I'll try to find a place for them.  Feel free to use this information for your genealogy and research; however none of the contents and formatting of these pages may be used for commercial purposes without prior approval.

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You can reach me at , either for changes needed, or if it helped you.
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