Our Games
Escape! 3D: The Breakout

This will be Speeding Bullet Designs FIRST EVER game, after literally years of
planning and re-planning and financial set backs, for all you GCS users, the game will use
the GCS Mega art pack, and the GCS Midi pack and Speeding Bullet Designs very
own menu system, the game will feature 20% original art drawn by me. (its cool, honest)

The game will follow the life of a Prisoner of War in the year 2010, the object
of the game is to escape from the concentration camp and break out of the city
boundaries, you will meet and talk to many people, some friends, some foes.
Either way you must renember what each person has told you or else you will
miss out on important information, this could even mean re visiting places!

There will be more information on the game as soon as we develop more
areas, as for now you may view more screenshots by clicking below.