Ru Emerson

Author of Many Novels

Ru Emerson was born on December 15th, 1944 in Butte, Montana. She has one brother and two sisters all younger than she. Her and her husbamd, Doug, live in Oregon with their only child, a silver mackerel tabby cat named Roberta. She likes to lift weights, run, bike, skate in-line, ski, play basketball, tennis, racquetball, garden, playing guitar, scuba diving, and flying stunt kites. Before she invested her time in writing, she would go backpacking with Doug but found less and less time to do so when trying to meet deadlines. She lives in the middle of 5 wooded acres where she also designs her clothes, sing(recently for the Salem Light Opera Company, dance(modern and tap with a little Irish hardshoe) and act. She has been involved in many dramas including interactive dinner theatres in Dallas, Oregon. In school she liked to study Drama,anthropology, dance, and Literature. She was the type of student that sailed through school making straight A's while hardly even studying.

Her favorite colors are anything intense, especially red, purple and bright blues. Her socks rarely match and express her love of color.

Her favorite animals are cats, house cats and the big ones you don't get to pet, horses and raccoons. She used to feed a family of raccoons for a couple of years. Doug has dogs but Ru doesn't do well with dogs.

Her favorite reading material includes Roger Zelazny, Petet Beagle, Megan Lindholm and Katherine Eliska Kimbrel; science fiction by Larry Niven; murder mysteries by Patricia Cornwell, Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels, Nevada Barr and Dick Francis, plus any other good historical non-fiction.

She watches about 3 hours of TV a day on her non-cable television. She watches Xena, of course, operas or PBS specials, Jay Leno monologs, Peter Jennings. When she watched TV hardcore she would watch The Avengers, Mission Impossible, MacGyver, Legend, Babylon 5, and now and then X-files. Movies she likes include Japanese monster films like Monster ZERO and Attack of the Mushroom People, Royal Ballet's Romeo and Juliet, anything Bogart, most musicals, Flash Gordon...more recently she would watch would be Disney's Little Mermaid, Evita, Branaugh's Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing. She likes Speed, Lethal Weapon 1 and 2, Fly Away Home, Labrinth, Princess Bride, Ladyhawke, Jumanji, cult films like Streets of Fire, Buckaroo Bonzai and Nightmare Before Christmas. She doesn't watch "R" rated movies unless a trusted friend previews it and gives her a blood count.

Where is she? What does she do?