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Subject:          Re: [Hockeynet] Protecting your pools
   Date:          Thu, 23 Aug 2001 01:32:19 EDT
   From:          gbenoiton@aol.com
     To:          AJ244@chebucto.ns.ca, underwater-hockey@topica.com

I have only played this sport for 2 years but I find giving lifeguards respect and not taking for granted our pool has helped our club grow the pool now even gives us referrals. There is no substitute for kissing up even if you know more about the pool than some of the staff. Find someone diplomatic (seems like you) and find out what they don't like our club was taking a few to many liberties (coming early, staying late acting like they owned the place, getting mad at new lifeguards banging the goals at the end of the night) this was brought up and now our pool is more welcoming we have changed slightly I try and ask permission instead of assuming things. We have broken many a tile not to mention a 200 dollars window but because of that repore we have nipped many buds. Talk to all the staff maybe it isn't they manager that has a problem with you.
offer to pay set up some probation type thing and don't forget to encourage them to come and play for free whenever they want.
Good luck
your underwater buddies
Gilles and  Connie
Subject:          [Hockeynet] Protecting your pools
   Date:          Wed, 22 Aug 2001 00:46:29 -0300 (ADT)
   From:          Sandra MacDonald <AJ244@CHEBUCTO.NS.CA>
     To:          underwater-hockey@topica.com

I just got notice this week that the pool that has hosted our hockey team for the past 19 years will not be welcoming us back in September as they feel that hockey is to blame for damage done to the bottom of the pool. The pool has a small tile bottom and for many years metal pucks were used and caused no complaint and the past 6 years we have been used the coated pucks and don't feel they have caused much damage, even behind the goals.

I was wondering if anyone out there has had similar complaints and how these were addressed or if anyone has suggestions that we might forward to the pool manager as to how we can resolve this. We would hate to loose our pool....
Sandra MacDonald


Subject:             Re: [Hockeynet] Protecting your pools
      Date:             Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:11:16 +1000
      From:             Simon Talbot <SIMON.TALBOT@UTAS.EDU.AU>
        To:             underwater-hockey@topica.com
        CC:             AJ244@CHEBUCTO.NS.CA
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Hi Sandra,

I suspect that you'll get rather a lot of replies to this e-mail!!!  Many pools blame uwh for damage (rightly in a lot of cases).

What sort of damage is the pool complaining about?  Is it old stuff, or new?   I'd be very surprised (given that you are on a 'small tile' bottom) if the coated pucks that you're now using would be causing any damage (are they from Mike Gillespie in Western Australia?).  Has the pool manager seen the coated pucks?  Has he/she ever played uwh, or looked at the way the new pucks bounce?

In our old pool, when damage was commented on (and we thought we were the guilty party), we used to offer to repair it - using an underwater epoxy to fill any gaps.  This didn't look as good as the original tiles, but it did quieten the pool manager, and more importantly, stopped us from cutting ourselves to pieces on the sharp tile edges!

If the damage is recent, and you're thinking that it's not from uwh, ask the manager if there are any dive courses (SCUBA) run in the pool!  As a dive instructor myself, I've seen dive students do a lot more damage to tiles with weight belts and cylinders than we ever do playing uwh (even with the old lead pucks), and the pool management usually try to blame our uwh association for this (I hasten to add that my students are told to be VERY careful with tanks and weights while in the pool on a course - not that this always helps!!!)!

All the best with your negotiations,

Subject:          Re: [Hockeynet] Protecting your pools
   Date:          Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:22:52
   From:          Liz Brown <lizsitka@hotmail.com>
     To:          underwater-hockey@topica.com

We received a complaint about the scratches we were causing in the pool. A quick inspection proved that what looked like scratches were actually black marks from the cheap rubber pool fins that some players use, and are easily rubbed off. I'd try to work with the pool manager to verify that the damage you're supposedly causing is really yours. We've generated enough positive publicity from our weird sport that the pool is eager to keep us there. Maybe it's time to remind the powers that be how unique they are by hosting this wonderful sport, as evidenced by the appearance on the Today Show, should it ever happen.

-Liz Brown
Sitka, Alaska Mighty Fighting Humpies