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Welcome to Kelso Genealogy Resource!  I am trying to make this more of a site for all Kelsos, but I need your help!  Please send me any info you would like to share on your personal Kelso families e.g. gedcoms, pictures, documents, family trees, Obituaries, marriage records, Military records, Biographies etc.... and I will try to post these to the site for you.  If you would like to send something by US Mail click here for my mailing address.  Or if you know of any good Kelso resources others might benefit from please let me know.    Please do not send original documents only copies or scans.     Be sure to include your name and email so I can give proper credit for the info.  While here please feel free to browse and download what you see.  All I ask is that you sign my guest book!

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crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso Family History 1000's to present

crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Barrington Purvis Kelso's Sword  NEW
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Descendants of John Kelso by Thomas E. Kelso NEW crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso Picture page
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Click here for Kelso document page crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Descendants of various Kelsos
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Roy Kelso's Spanish American War Experience crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Click here for my Kelso family tree
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso letters and histories crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Barrington Kelso 
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Kelso ties to Royalty page crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso Census pages
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso archived guest book entries crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso marriage record pages
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Kelso birth record pages crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Various Kelso Family Trees
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Kelso death record pages crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)A history of the Kelsoland Manor
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Kelso war records crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)UK Kelso pages
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Kelso Land Records crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)New Zealand Kelso pages
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Canadian Kelso pages crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)See our newest Kelso
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes) Australian Kelso pages crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso Divorce Records
crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Ellis Island Kelsos  crestbutton.gif (2629 bytes)Kelso Gene Pool Marriage records   (NEW 12/01)

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   Joe's Genealogy Links


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  Ellis Island searchable database


NON GENEALOGY  KELSO SITES                                   

Dr. William Kelso's excavation of Jamestown Kelso, Scotland's homepage
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Emilie Kelso's Astrology Page 
Kelso, Washington homepage Kelso Dunes
Musician Mark Kelso's homepage Kelso the famous horse
The Kelso institute Bob Kelso's family site featuring Keith Kelso's country music
James L Kelso bible lands museum  

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