Battlestar Galactica

The Miniseries - Part Two

Created by John Larocque on February 2, 2005
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The Cylons were created by man. They were created to make life easier on the twelve Colonies. And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared. The Cylons left for another world to call their own. A remote space station was built... Where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every year, the Colonials send an officer. The Cylons send no one. No one has seen or heard from the Cylons in over forty years.


Hour One

On the hangar deck, Kara and Tyrol look at her Viper, and the missing chunk at the rear. She remarks, "I wondered why the engine gave out." She wants Prosna to fix her gymbal and Tyrol tells her he's dead. "How many did we lose?" "85." He asks her if she's heard about Lee, and informs her that Sharon has not returned.

Meanwhile, Sharon's Raptor is in space and has deployed a drone and started transmitting. "Hopefully, once that communications pod I launched gets far away enough from here, a Colonial ship will pick up the signal and start looking for us." Boxey asks Sharon if everybody's dead on Caprica, and tells her that his father is missing. "I think he's dead too." "What's your name?" "Boxey." "You know something? Both of my parents died when I was little." She tells him she lives on a ship called the Galactica. In the passenger area of the Raptor, Baltar hears a voice. It's Number Six. "You know what I love about you, Gaius? You're a survivor." He starts breathing heavily and blinks, and then the vision is gone. Aboard the Galactica, the Galactica executes a jump, placing them in geosynchronous orbit, directly above the Ragnar Anchorage. Tigh orders a course right down into the eye of the storm.

Colonial One is now 4 hours from Caprica and the passengers are waking up. The pilot and Laura go downstairs where they awaken Lee, who is lying asleep next to the electic pulse generators. Laura asks, "What exactly did you do?" "I put out out a big pulse of electromagnetic energy that must have... disabled the warheads... I'm hoping that it looked like a nuclear explosion." He explains it was a trick he toyed with back in war college that never worked before in war games. "The lesson here, is not to ask followup questions, but simply to say thank you, Captain Apollo, for saving our collective asses." Laura agrees with Lee that it's time to evacuate the passenger liner and leave, before the Cylons realize their mistake.

The Galactica docks with the station. Kara is at her locker and she's looking at a picture of her, Lee and Zak pinned on the inside. She starts to pray. "Lords of Kobol, hear my prayers. Take the souls of your sons and daughters lost this day, especially that of Lee Adama, into your hands." In the temporary morgue, Captain Kelly walks by dozens of bodies covered in white cloth. Tyrol's deck crew have a secure hard seal with the station, and Adama gives Tyrol a phone call from CIC. "Go find me some bullets, Chief." They unlock the door and Tyrol orders them to get their gear and move out. Then they encounter a man with a gun pointing at them. He is a human Cylon whose name is Leoben.

Aboard the Colonial One, passengers are disembarking from Sharon's Raptor. Lee remarks to Sharon that his Mark II can barely navigate from A to B. "That old crate may have saved your life, sir. The Viper Mark VII's, the Cylons shut them down like they threw a switch or something... The only fighters that have any success at all are either old or in need of some major overhaul." Baltar walks out and Lee informs him the President wants to see him. "President Adar's Alive?" "No, I'm afraid Adar's dead. President Laura Roslin was sworn in a couple of hours ago."

They walk upstairs into the passenger area to meet her. "Doctor, I need you to serve as my chief scientific consultant and analyst, regarding the Cylons and their technology." The President inquires about the Raptor's FTL capability. Sharon replies, "The Raptor was designed to make sure it jumps ahead of the fleet, scout for enemy ships and jump back and report." "I want you to go out there and find as many survivors as you can, bring them back to this position. We will then form a convoy. We will guide them out of the combat zone and into safety."

At Ragnar, Leoben continues to point the gun at Tyrol and his crew. "I am NOT going to jail." "Nobody's taking you to jail. Just calm down... We're not here to arrest you... We're from Colonial Fleet. We just came to get some equipment from the station to get back into the fight." "What fight?" "There's a war on. Give me your weapon." They argue further, and Leoben demands passage out of there on a safe transport ship with an untraceable jump system. Tyrol tells him there's two thousand people on his ship, and Leoben finally relents. "Get his weapon. If he moves, shoot him."

Aboard Colonial One, Baltar is again visited by Number Six. "Ignoring me won't help." He tells her that she's an expression of his subconscious mind. "Have you considered the possibility that I can very well exist only in your head, without being a halucination? Maybe you see and hear me because while you were sleeping, I implanted a chip in your brain that transmits my image, right into your conscious mind." She asks Baltar what he's working on, and he replies. "I'm trying to figure out how you pulled this kind of an attack. You virtually shut down the entire defence network without firing a shot. Entire squadrons lost power just as they engaged the enemy. The CNP is a navigational program, but you made changes to the programs that you were building in. Backdoors for your company to exploit later." "All true in a sense." "That was your job." "Officially. Unofficially I had other motives." Namely, she loves him and wants him to love her in return. "Don't you understand? God is love." She draws him close for a kiss and he shouts "No!" and then she disappears.

Adama has arrived and is talking with Leoben. "So you're an arms dealer, huh?" "People have the right to protect themselves, I just supply the means." "You don't look so good." One of the crates Tyrol's crew are handling drops, along with a missile which arms itself. "Stay back! It's hot!" Leoben and Adama throw themselves into the next room as it explodes. They are now trapped from leaving through that entrance. He instructs the Chief, "Get all the bullets and equipment into the ship. Don't waste anybody on anything else... We're gonna go out another way... Tell Colonel Tigh he's in command until I return."

The rag-tag fleet is 5 hours from Caprica and Laura is doing a tour of the Botanical Cruiser. "Most of the passengers are from Gemenon or Picon but we've got people from every Colony," says its pilot. He makes an inquiry into the power situation, and she informs him that Captain Apollo will be making an emergency survey which would done in the evening. She meets a little girl named Cami who travelled with her grandparents. She told Laura she was heading for Caprica City to rendezvous with her parents, have a chicken pie dinner there, and take her home.

Aboard Colonial One, Laura informs Lee that Sharon has found a fuel refinery ship filled with Tylium, and that they've assembled 60 ships so far. Lee replies that only 40 have FTL capability. "We should start transfering people off the sublights, onto the FTL's as soon as possible." Sharon returns with the refinery ship, and not long afterwards a Cylon ship jumps from hyperspace, and then back out again. The Colonial pilot says, "It definitely scanned us before it jumped." Lee advises, "We have to go. Now. Cylons will be here any minute." There's a quick conference with Lee, Laura, the pilot and Doral, who is against leaving behind the sublight ships. "We can't just leave them all behind, you'll be sacrificing thousands of people." "But we'll be saving tens of thousands. I'm sorry to make it a numbers game, but we're talking about the survival of our race here. And we don't have the luxury of taking risks and hoping for the best because if we lose, we lose everything." The President agrees with Lee. "Order the fleet to jump to Ragnar immediately."

Laura reveals to Billy she has cancer. "My prognosis is doubtful." Billy reminds her that the little girl she met earlier is on a sublight ship that won't make the jump. As they prepare, the other ship pilots are worried about being left behind. One of them pilots requests, "At least tell us where you're going." The Colonial One pilot is about to push a button and Lee stops him. "No. If they're captured, then the Cylons know too." Several Cylon ships have now jumped out of hyperspace. Colonial One jumps, and the Cylons fire missiles at the remainder of the ships. Aboard the cruiser, Cami is holding on to her doll as a missile approaches the agrodome, and then suddenly everything goes white.

At Ragnar, Leoben tells Adama that something in the place affects his allergies. "When you get right down to it, humanity is not a pretty race, I mean we're only one step away from beating each other with clubs like savages fighting over scraps of meat. Maybe the Cylons are God's retribution for our many sins. What if God decided he made a mistake. And he decided to give souls to another creature. Like the Cylons." Adama's reply, "But God didn't create the Cylons. Man did. And I'm pretty sure we didn't include a soul in the programming."

On CIC, Gaeta tells Tigh they have three hours to load all the warheads into their magazines. Then, the DRADIS makes contact with more than fifty ships approaching the station, and they declare action stations. Dualla confirms that the incoming ships are friendly and they stand down. "The lead ship is requesting permission to come along side sir. They say they have the President of the Colonies aboard." In the Wardroom, Tigh has an argument with Laura. Her priority is to care for the 50,000 refugees, Tigh's priority is to prepare the ship for combat. "The war is over, and we lost... In the mean time I'm giving you a direct order to provide men and equipment." "You don't give orders on this ship." Lee requests Tigh to "at least give us a couple of disaster pods." Tigh consents "because you're the Old Man's son and because he's gonna to be so damned happy you're alive." Tigh orders Lee to the flight deck as he's now the senior pilot.

Tyrol is walking towards Sharon and Boxey in the hallway, and embraces her. Billy is walking with Baltar and asks Dualla to direct them to CIC as he's lost again. "It's this way," and then she surprises him by kissing him. Sharon introduces Boxey. "There's someone I want you to meet. New crew member. And he's gonna need some quarters." "I think I can manage that." In the hangar bay, Lee has a reunion with Kara. "I thought you were dead." "Well, I thought you were in hack." She's heard about his promotion. "So, I guess you're then new CAG now... That's the last thing I want. I'm not a big enough dipstick for the job... Does your father know you're still breahing?" "I'll let him know."

At Ragnar, Leoben stops and sits on the stairs. "What is it is about this place? What's it doing to me?" "Must be your allergies." "I don't have allergies." "Didn't think so. What you've got is silica pathways to the brain,. Or whatever it is you call that thing you pretend to think with." Leoben says that the storm has an effect on Cylon technology. "That's why you put a fleet out here. Last ditch effort to hide from the Cylon attack."

Leoben tells Adama, "Once they find you, it won't take that long to destroy you." Adama throws him against a wall. "Maybe. But you won't find out because you'll be dead in a few minutes! How does that make you feel, if you can feel?" "I can feel more than you could ever conceive, Adama, but I won't die. When this body dies, my consciousness will be transferred into another one." He falls to the ground. "I think if you could have transfer out of here, you would have done it a long time before now. I think the storm's radiation really clogged up your connection. You're not going anywhere." "Doesn't matter. Sooner or later, the day comes when you can't hide from the things that you've done." Leoben stands up, lifting Adama by his own neck, punches him in the gut and tosses him across the room. Adama picks up a flashlight, and begins striking him with it.

On CIC, Baltar answers Gaeta's question about the CNP navigation program. "I think they're using the CNP to infect your ships with some sort of computer virus which makes them secceptible to Cylon commands." Gaeta replies the Galactica wouldn't be affected because their computers aren't networked. Baltar advises him, "Still, I should purge all remaining references to it that appear on your memory tapes."

Gaeta remarks, "It must be hard for you... Just having something you created, twisted and used like this, must be horrible, the guilt." Number Six appears and comments, "I remember you telling me once that guilt was something small people feel when they run out of excuses for their behaviour." When Baltar says he feels responsible, Number Six retorts, "But you don't. That's part of the reason I fell in love with you. You have a clarity of spirit. You're not burdened by conscience, or guilt, or regret." Gaeta comforts him, "You didn't mean for any of this to happen. It's not like you knew what they were going to do." Number Six's response, "It's not like you knew you were lying. Not like you were breaking the law. Not like you cheat on women! Not like the worlds coming apart and all you can think about, is Gaius Baltar."

Gaeta walks away and Number Six continues. "I really do hope you make it out of here alive. I think we could have a real future together." "Yeah, that would be special." She focuses his attention on an object straight ahead. "See anything there that looks familiar?" Baltar recognizes it as the device she carried around in her suitcase. "It's a Cylon device," he concludes. Number Six denies installing it on CIC, which means there's another Cylon aboard the Galactica.

Hour Two

Baltar is now standing directly under the device when Gaeta taps him on the shoulder and tells him the program has been erased from the defence mainframe. Baltar walks away and sits down, and Number Six is now on his lap. "I have to warn them." She asks him how he will propose to do that and offers a sarcastic excuse for Baltar. "Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm familiar with their technology bacause I'm having sex a Cylon for the last two years now.... Speaking of sex" She slips her hand and begins fondling Baltar. "I don't think that's such a good idea right now." He shifts in his seat with ecstacy and is interupted by Doral, who has come back with a report on the number of civilian ships eqiupped with CNP. "Are you all right? You look a little flushed?" Doral walks away and talks to Dualla.

Baltar is looking at Doral from a distance. "I'm thinking someone else might need to be implicated as a Cylon agent."He doesn't seem the type and I don't remember him seeing him at any of the Cylon parties." "Funny. He's a civilian. He's an outsider. And he's been aboard this ship for weeks with virtually unlimited access to this very room. There is one problem though... So far aboard this ship, no one even suspects the Cylons look like us now."

In a hallway, a crewman is hauling in Leoben's body. Tigh tells Adama, "This just gets worse and worse. Now the Cylons look like us." Commander Adama walks into the ready room, and Lee is there, looking at Adama's family picture and crying. Adama apologises for intruding, and just as his son leaves he gives him a hug. Later, in his quarters, he's in conference with Tigh and Baltar. Tigh reports, "Ship's doctor says at first glance, everything in Leoben's body appears human. Internal organs, lymphatic system, the works." Baltar replies, "The tissue sample yielded unique chemical compounds, during cremation, that reveal the nature of the samples to be synthetic. So he was a Cylon?" Adama answers, "Yes he was. And now we have a problem... If the Cylons look like us, than any one of us can be a Cylon." Adama tells Baltar he needs to find a way to screen human from Cylon. Tigh instructs him, "Keep this to yourself for now. We don't want to start panic or people to begin to accuse their neighbours of being Cylon because they don't brush their teeth in the morning."

Kara is in her cockpit when Lee sends her on a mission, which she summarizes. "Put my head outside the storm and look around. Listen for wireless traffic. Come home." Lee advises, "No heroics, this is strictly recon." She then makes a confession. "Zak failed basic flight... Or at least he should have, but he didn't. Because I passed him. His technique was sloppy, and he had no feel for flying, but I passed him. Because he and I... because I felt something and I let it get in the way of my doing my job. And I couldn't fail him." "Why are you telling me this. Why now?" "It's the end of the world Lee. I thought I should confess my sins."

Captain Kelly and two personel escort Doral to a cell and handcuff him to the bars. Tigh asks, "If he's really a Cylon, why hasn't the storm radiation made him sick by now?" Baltar theorises it takes a while for the storm's effects to become apparent on Cylon physiology. "By the time you'd encountered Leoben, he'd been here for several hours." "I don't suppose it matters to you that I am not a Cylon." Tigh tells Doral to shut his mouth. Baltar explains that he collected random hair samples from CIC and subjected them to spectral analysis which revealed that only Doral's were of synthetic origin. Number Six remarks, "And just like that, Dr. Baltar invents the amazing Cylon detector." Tigh orders everyone aboard the ship screened.

Doral stands up and declares he's human. "I'm from Oasis... It's a hamlet, a couple stops from out of Caprica City... I went to the Kobol colleges on Gemenon. I studied public relations." Baltar made a note that Doral seemed very interested an odd looking device on the bottom of the DRADIS console on CIC. "He's lying. He is frakking lying." Tigh orders the console isolated. "If he moves, kill him." Dualla removes the device, and Gaeta apologises for not having investigated the new equipment when it was installed about a week before. "I just assumed that it was part of the museum. Sorry sir, there's no excuse." Tigh orders it taken to the lab for Baltar to figure it out. "In the mean time I want every inch of this ship searched for any other equipment that just appeared in the last week."

Adama joins a conference with Laura and Billy in the Wardroom. "The captain of the Astral Queen wants to you to know he's got nearly 500 convicted criminals under heavy guard in his cargo hold. They were being transported to a penal station when the attack happened... He wants to know what to do with them." The President tells him she wants daily reports on the well-being of the prisoners, and news of any mysterious deaths. She asks Adama, "You planning to stage a military coup... You plan to declare martial law? Take over the government?" "Of course not."

He dodges the question of whether or not he'll recognize her as President. "My primary objective, at the present time, is to repair the Galactica and continue to fight." She tells him the war is over and that they should run. "We leave this solar system and we don't look back." "And we go where?" "I don't know. Another star system, another planet? Somewhere where the Cylon's won't find us." He insists that the ship will stand and fight. She replies, "We have 50,000 people left and that's it. Now, if we are even going to survive, as a species, then we need to get the hell out of here and we need to start having babies!"

Kara's Viper peers just outside the clouds and she's starting to lose wireless contact. "That can't be right." Blips appear on her radar. She reports to CIC, "I didn't get an accurate account, but it looks like two Basestars with 10 fighter squadrons, and two recon drone attatchments patrolling the area." She says she wasn't followed. "By the way they were deployed I'd say they're waiting for us to come to them." The Commander, Tigh and Lee discuss their options, and Adama decides to plot a jump from inside the storm. The jump spot is to be in the Prolmar sector, outside the combat zone and away from the Cylons. "We're running," says Tigh. "The war is over. We lost," answers Adama. He instructs them, "We'll pull the Galactica out, 5 kliks. The civilians will come out behind us, cross the threshold, and make the jump while we hold off the Cylons. Once the civilians have made the jump, every fighter is to make an immediate combat landing, we won't have much time."

During the conversation, Adama tosses in a remark, "They better start having babies." "Is that an order?" "Maybe, before too long." Tigh asks what they're going to do with Doral. The next sceme, Doral is esscorted by Tigh and several guards into Ragnar. "You can't just leave me here to die!" "You've got food, water, all the luxrities of home." "No I'm begging you not to do this. I'm not a Cylon!" "Maybe. But we just can't take that chance." The doors are locked and the Galactica disembarks from the station.

On CIC the fleet has piloted the final coordinates of their next jump. "Stand by to execute battle plan." The Galactica moves to the threshold of the storm and Gaeta reports 72 incoming fighters. Batteries on the Galactica are now firing in the direction of the Baseships (which are firing their own missiles.) "Signal Vipers, engage fighters only. Leave Basestars to us. Execute." Several Vipers are destroyed along with the Cylon ships, and Apollo's Viper is hit. One by one, the civilian ships jump in sequence. Tigh remarks, "They're targeting the landing bays. We gotta get those fighters back on board and retract the pods or we won't be able to jump."

The last civilian ship jumps and Adama issues a recall order to the remaining Vipers. There are only two Vipers left, Starbuck and Apollo. Tigh comments they can't stand toe to toe with the Baseships, but Adama won't leave without them. Adama patches himself through to Starbuck and asks a question. "Morning Starbuck, what do you hear?" Shrapnel is falling on her Viper, and she replies, "Nothing but the rain." "Then, grab the gun and bring the cat in." Apollo tells Starbuck he won't be able to make it and she locks her ship onto his, and takes him in. "Oh no... You are beyond insane!" Once they're aboard, the Galactica jumps.

The survivors are now assembled on the hangar deck, and Elosha is conducting a service for the dead. "With heavy hearts we lift up their bodies to you, oh Lords of Kobol. In the knowledge that you will take from them their burdens, and give them life eternal. We also pray that you look down upon us now with mercy and with love. Just as you did upon our forefathers many years ago. Just as you led us from Kobol and found the Twelve worlds. So now we hope and pray that you will lead us to a new home, where we may begin life anew. So say we all." The audience responds "So say we all," and then Adama begins his own set of impromptu "So say we alls."

"Are they the lucky ones? That's what you're thinking isn't it?. We're a long way from home. We've jumped well beyond the red line, into uncharted space. Limited supplies, limited fuel. No allies, and now, no hope... Where shall we go? What shall we do?. Life here, began out there. Those are the first words of the sacred scrolls. And they were told to us by the Lords of Kobol, many countless centuries ago. And they made it perfectly clear, that we are not alone in this universe. Elosha, there's a thirteenth Colony of humankind is there not?" "Yes, the scrolls tell the thirteenth tribe left Kobol in the early days. They travelled far and made their home upon a planet called Earth, which circled a distant and unknown star." "It's not unknown. I know where it is." Adama then claims that the location was known only by the senior commanders of the fleet. "It won't be an easy journey! It'll be long, and arduous. But I promise you one thing. On the memory of those lying here before you.. we shall find it. And Earth, will become our new home." He ends his speech with yet another series of "So say we alls."

Tigh has a meeting with Kara at her locker and congratulates her flying in the last battle. "Commander has always said you were the best pilot he has ever seen. Well, today you proved it. Now, about yesterday, during the game... well maybe I was outta line too, I just, I wanted to say... sorry... Well, don't you have anything to say?" "Permission to speak off the record sir." "Granted." "You're a bastard." "You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut, do you? I am offering you a clean slate here." "I'm not interested in a clean slate with you. You're dangerous. You know why?" "This'll be good." "Because you're weak. Because you're a drunk." "You're done?" "Yes sir." "You're returned to flight status. Let's see how long that lasts."

Adama and Laura have a meeting in his quarters, and she confronts him. "There's no Earth. You made it all up. President Adar and I once talked about the legends surrounding Earth. He knew nothing about a secret location regarding Earth, and if the President knew nothing about it, what are the chances that you do." "You're right. There's no Earth. It's all a legend." "Then why?" "Because, it's not enough to just live, you have to have something to live for. Let it be Earth." "They'll never forgive you." "Maybe, but in the mean time, I've given us all a fighting chance to survive. And isn't that what you said was the most important thing? The survival of the human race?" In return for keeping it a secret, Laura asks Adama to respect her role as the President of a civilian government. "So you'll be in charge of the fleet. Military decisions stay with me." "Yes." "Well then I'll think about it, Madam President," and then he extends his hand.

Baltar is walking in the hallway and stops. It's Number Six. "Your escape is a temporary one at best. We will find you." She then warns him, "There may be Cylon agents living among us, waiting to strike at any moment. Some may not even know they're Cylons at all. They could be sleeper agents programmed to perfectly impersonate human beings, until activation." "If there are Cylons aboard this ship, we'll find them." "We? You're not on their side, Gaius." "I'm not on anybody's side." Elsewhere, Tigh is throwing a bottle of alcohol in the gabrage, Kara is unfolding the picture of her with Zak, and the ship is settling into a routine. Commander Adama is wishing his son goodnight, and Lee wants to say something. "Why don't we save this for another time, son?" Later, he reads a folded paper on his table. Its words, "There are only 12 Cylon models."

The Cylons have docked at Ragnar Anchorage, and several versions of Number Six, Leoben and Doral have entered. There they meet the prisoner the Galactica left behind. "We have to get out of this storm. The radiation, it effects our silica relays." A Doral model says, "We can't let them go." and Number Six agrees. Leoben tells them, "It may take several decades to track them down." Then a Sharon model enters. "Don't worry, we'll find them." Number Six answers, "By your command."

Ron Moore's Commentary

11/5/2003 -- I wanted Adama to make a deal with the devil at the end of the miniseries to realize that he had to give these people SOMETHING to live for even if he didn't believe it himself. If he believes in Earth from the very beginning, it seems to me that he has an easy answer at the end -- "Oh our planets are gone. Well, its off to Earth!" (source: Cylon Alliance)

11/5/2003 -- The relationship between Number Six and Baltar is a complex one. A careful read of their scenes would reveal that she never tells Baltar anything that he couldn't deduce on his own. So the question remains, "Is she there or is he going crazy?" (source: Cylon Alliance)

12/5/2003 -- I felt that if Adama knew about Earth all along, it took something away from him at the end -- "Hey, don't worry about home getting wiped out, I know where Earth is!" It seemed like a bit of a cheat. But if he makes it up as a way of giving people something to live for, something to believe in, then he's scrambling in a desperate situation. And he's making a deal with the devil in that someday this is going to come back and bite him on the ass.

1/27/2004 -- [Regarding Olmos' series of impromptu "So Say We Alls"] -- He improved a lot of that and got them going, that whole back and forth where he stands and looks at them and he goes "so say we all." And then they kind of quietly say it back and then he stirs them, and they keep doing it and doing it, and then he gives the speech. That was all Eddie. That was all something he came up with down on the set... It occurred to him within the moment. He just found something within the scene, and that kind of improvisation is something I would definitely encourage within the show... When you have actors and directors that are really in tune with the intentions of the script and understand the overall picture then they can really fly with something like that. (source:

2/25/2004 -- The consequences of what happened in the pilot will reverberate throughout the series. Nightmares, flashbacks, emotional trauma -- All of these things will continue to haunt them in the series.

2/2004 -- When I wrote the [electric pulse generator] sequence, I was trying to be a bit ironic and arch. Now here's how Star Trek would deal with a situation like this. Star Trek would put you in this situation, and they would technobabble their way out of it, with some doubletalk things about adjusting the flux capacitor, to do X and Y. And I overwrote it intentionally as a kind of in-joke... It's kind of a joke but nobody got it but me. It's not really much of a joke, and the truth is, you write yourself into a corner for night one, which is to go out. And then you go back and say, Lee did something clever and got out of it, and never quite cracked what this was. It's kind of preposterous. (source: Miniseries DVD commentary)

2/2004 -- This was such a good instinct on Eddie's part, to turn it like this. And the "so say we all" thing, it captures the emotions of the characters and the audience. It's a reason why, if you have good actors and a good director, as a writer you have to step back at a certain stage to say, this is the scene, this is the intention, go do it and trust that they will find the truth of what it is and make it better. And that scene is much, much better in the final cut than it ever was on the page. (source: Miniseries DVD commentary)

2/2004 -- There are two ideas in this that are very late in the process. The idea that's coming up, the final reveal of the final Cylon was that it's Sharon. It was something that David came up with. The whole script had been written, and her entire storyline had been told, and he said, "What if Sharon's a Cylon at the very end?" And I loved it... The final line of the entire movie, "By your command," is a callback to the original series, but was actually suggested by a friend of mine, Breen Frazier, who was a writer on Roswell, who I had read a draft of the script before the show came out... I slipped a copy to Breen and asked him to read it and give an honest review and post it some place, and he put on Ain't It Cool News. But he, somewhere in it, said, "How could you have Battlestar Galactica and not have 'By your command?'" (source: Miniseries DVD commentary)

2/25/2004 -- Does Adama really believe that Earth exists?

No, he came up with that idea as a way to give people hope. Something to believe in. He himself does not believe that there really is an Earth.

1/9/2005 -- [On revealing that Boomer was a Cylon] -- That was David Eick's idea. Because it was a late addition, it was perfect, because there was no indication anywhere in the miniseries that this was going to happen. So this was his really nice surprise, that this very human character, this vulnerable girl on her first combat mission, who's lost her co-pilot -- we discover she's a Cylon. (source: Zap2It)


Lee's trick with the electric pulse generators was an homage of sorts to episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Wesley would come up with a solution which would save the ship at the last minute.

After Baltar disembarks from the Raptor aboard Colonial One, Sharon shouts, "I hope he's worth it!" She's still upset she had to leave Helo behind, and her remarks were likely meant for Baltar's ears. Lee told her he hope he's worth it, too.

Leoben quotes back to Adama the same phrase that was part of his speech at the decommissioning ceremony.

The Botanical Cruiser is actually the agroship from the original series from 1978. It made its first appearance in the 1972 feature, Silent Running.

The scene with Cami holding her doll is deliberately reminiscent of the Lyndon Johnson anti-Goldwater advertisement from the 1964 US presidential election. "Daisy" is holding a flower as a mushroom cloud appears over the horizon, and the screen goes white.

In subsequent broadcasts of the miniseries, they dubbed 1500 over 500 when Laura refers to the number of prisoners on the Astral Queen. This was done to be consistent with the 1500 number featured in the episode "Bastille Day."

Billy and Dualla were flirting on CIC at the same time that Adama made the decision to jump to the Prolmar sector. Later, they are smiling as they walk by each other in the hallway.

"Number Six is in his mind, but you don't know what exactly is going on. You don't know if Number Six died [on Caprica] and the chip is another version of her, or if she's still alive somehere and linked to him through the chip. We kind of played with both ideas, and it isn't really explained in the miniseries. They've kept everything open in case it goes to series." -- Tricia Helfer (Number Six) in December 2003 (source: The Official Mini-Series Magazine)

"We discussed this -- Ron, Mary and I -- and I think Adama believes Earth exists." -- Edward James Olmos (Adama) on 2/20/2004 (source:

"That moment [where Laura tells Adama Earth doesn't exist] was very important because it was political. That's what has to be done, so they struck a deal. She figures his is a well-thought-out motivation that she felt was worthy trade-off. The motivation here is survival, and she has to think like a leader." -- Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin) on 2/20/2004 (source:

"I didn't even realize that the first time I read for the character. They rewrote the ending [with Boomer as a Cylon], because I don't remember that being there. It's awesome. She's a totally mischievous, naughty, bad character." -- Grace Park on 1/9/2005 (source: Zap2It)

"When I didn't get Starbuck I was offered Sharon, but I didn't want to play her, she just seemed like the nice girl on the show. Then when I re-read the script I got to the end and said `Woah! Sharon is a Cylon! I'll never die! When did they change that?' Which of course they hadn't changed the script, but I had only read it looking for Starbuck's part." -- Grace Park (Boomer) on 3/7/2006 (source: IFMagazine)

Deleted Scenes

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