Extra Scenes from the Telemovie Syndicated Package

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Lost Planet of the Gods, Gun on Ice Planet Zero, The Living Legend, and War of the Gods are four telemovies from the 12-part syndicated telemovie package that originally aired in two parts. The Experiment in Terra telemovie is an expanded version of the original one-hour episode. One of the features of these telemovies is the presence of new footage that never made it in the original broadcast versions of the episodes. This document presents a list of new and cut scenes found in the telemovie presentations of these episodes. Unless noted, the scenes all appear as bonuses on the The Complete Epic Series DVD set.


Lost Planet of the Gods
Gun on Ice Planet Zero
The Living Legend
War of the Gods
Experiment in Terra

Lost Planet of the Gods

1. The Rag-tag Fleet (9s/5s)

After Serina's dinner scene, which ends with Adama describing Starbuck as a "good advance scout," there are four extra seconds of the rag-tag fleet, before returning to the next scene, featuring Rigel on the bridge. This does not appear on The Complete Epic Series DVD set.

2. Shuttle Cadet Serina (1m06s)

On the bridge, after Tigh advises Adama on the status of Patrol #2 (Jolly and Boomer), there is additional unaired dialog of their conversation, followed by an all new scene of Serina landing her shuttle. It begins right after Adama instructs Tigh "I want [Boomer] in. We're flying blind."

Omega: Commander. Shuttle cadet on first orbit solo coming in.
Adama: Well, if he doesn't make a clean approach, wave him off and land the patrol. We need the reports.
Omega: Yes, sir.
The scene then focuses on Serina, piloting her shuttle towards the Galactica.
Rigel's voice: You are on center line. On glideslope. Two hundred metrons... one fifty. One hundred... fifty... over threshhold! Good luck!
Serina: (turning off several switches on shuttle) Navigational beacon off. Turbo ram thruster off. Power off.

The scene ends just as Rigel announces "Alpha patrol, you are cleared to land."

Although this was cut from the original version of the episode, both Boomer and Apollo make reference to it later on. While landing their Vipers, Boomer remarks that "that cadet made a better approach." Later on, in an argument with Apollo, Serina announces that she is a shuttle cadet who has just finished her first solo.

3. Adama Extends Curfew (33s)

After Starbuck and Apollo escape the Void, there is an extended bridge dialog between Tigh and Apollo. It begins just after Adama tells him to have Apollo "report to the bridge on the double."

Tigh: Uh, Sir. Some of the boys have prepared a special send-off for your son. As it is, he'll just get back in time to make a fast appearance, if he has to come up here to make a report.
Adama: I will not risk the lives of everyone in the fleet. Even for my son's send-off. However, I could extend tonight's curfew.
Tigh: Yes sir.
Adama: Pass the word along.

4. Cassiopeia's Fresh Beginning (47s)

After Apollo's heated exchange with Adama over his intentions to train the female shuttle cadets as Viper pilots, there's a new scene between Apollo and Cassiopeia at Life Station, on Boomer's condition.

Apollo: What are his chances?
Cassiopeia: Not very good, not unless we can find the cause of the infection.
Apollo: We appreciate all you're doing, Cassiopeia.
Cassiopeia: We do what we have to Apollo. You know, if anything good came out of the destruction of the Colonies, it was the opportunity for fresh beginnings.

5. Conversation in Adama's Quarters(44s)

There's some additional unaired dialog at the beginning of the scene where Adama explains to Tigh why he is going into the Void.

Adama: Enter.
Tigh: You can uncross your fingers, sir.
Adama: What about my toes?
Tigh: (laughing) I've forgotten about those.
Adama: Colonel. How long before we enter the Void?
Tigh: Thirty or fourty centons, sir.
Adama: You disapprove of my leading the fleet into the Void, don't you?
Tigh: It's not my place to disapprove, sir, Merely advise.
Adama: Colonel. Let's dispense with all protocol. I need someone to talk to. Give me your thoughts.

At this point that the broadcast version of the scene begins, with Tigh telling Adama "for all we know, the Void could be endless."

6. Cut Scene - Serina's Patrol (0s/5s)

The telemovie version cuts five seconds from the start of this scene, which are present in the broadcast version. It is where Apollo and Serina are being lowered into the launch bay, as Starbuck is launching his Viper. Words in italics indicate lines common to both versions.

Apollo: Starbuck! He's violating orders. He's trying to protect Serina, or me, or both.

7. Kobol's Original Fate (41s)

This is a scene of unaired dialog between Adama, Apollo and Serina on the surface of Kobol. Words in italics indicate dialog spoken in the broadcast version. This scene does not appear on The Complete Epic Series DVD set.

Adama: This might be Eden. I don't know.
Apollo: It feels holy.
Serina: And sad. Was it their fault their world died?
Adama: According to the log, incredible waste occured. The rivers and oceans were contaminated. The skies couldn't support even the heartiest of creatures. And when they settled the Colonies, they turned on the very technology that could have saved them had they used it properly. They destroyed the ships, the machines, everything. It took them hundreds of yahrens to revive even the most primitive crafts.
Apollo: (touching column) I can't read any of it.

8. Boxey and Starbuck (58s)

Between the scene where Serina was shot on Kobol, and her deathbed scene, there is additional dialog betwen Boxey and Starbuck. The scene starts with Cassiopeia walking out of Life Station.

Starbuck: It's going to be all right, isn't it?
Cassiopeia breaks into tears, and embraces Starbuck.
Boxey: Hi, Starbuck. I heard ya did good.
Starbuck: Well, you know how it is kid. When you're great, you're great.
Boxey: I want to hear all about it after I see mother.
Starbuck: Sure. Listen, why don't you let me look after Muffit. We'll wait for you right here. Promise.
Boxey: [to Muffit] Stay with Starbuck, Muffit. We'll be right back.

At this point, Apollo enters Life Station with Boxey.

Gun on Ice Planet Zero

1. Bridge Dialog - Herded Ahead (15s)

After Adama utters the line that the Galactica was being "herded into this safe passage ahead," there's some additional unaired dialog:

Athena: Why, father? What's out there?
Adama: I don't know. I really don't know, but I think we should be sending out more patrol ships.
Tigh: Commander. We've pushed our starfighters around the clock. We're throwing in cadets from the Academy now.

2. Bridge Dialog - Suicide Mission (5s)

Later, when Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer join Adama on the bridge, they discuss the idea of sending a probe to the surface. There's some additional unaired dialog after Adama proposes a specialized task force to find a weakness and destroy the weapon. This scene does not appear on The Complete Epic Series DVD set.

Tigh: We can't be sure there is a weakness.
Adama: I cannot see any alternative. I'm open for suggestions.

The dialog ends when Adama orders Tigh to perform a computer search for qualified personnel.

3. Apollo's Confrontation / Adama's Speech (2m40s)

After Starbuck and Boomer brief the convicts aboard the prison barge, there's a missing scene in Adama's quarters where Apollo argues with his father over his decision to exclude Apollo from the mission. Adama eventually relents, allowing him to join the mission.

Adama: Oh, Apollo. You look troubled.
Apollo: Not troubled. Angry.
Adama: Angry about what?
Apollo: The computer search for members of the landing party.
Adama: Yes?
Apollo: Well, it's my feeling the computer was influenced.
Adama: Well, that's a rather serious charge.
Apollo: I'm aware of that. You don't want me to go, do you?
Adama: Are you suggesting that I would spare a member of my own family?
Apollo: I'm suggesting the selection was biased, or I would have been chosen. I'm qualified in survival techniques. I am single. I have the correct endurance rating, weapons capability, command factor.
Adama: You've never had experience in subzero tempratures.
Apollo: None of our Warriors have arctic training.
Adama: If the computer passed you over, there must be a reason for it.
Apollo: Yes, and I know exactly what that reason is. You are the sole judge of who is expendable and who isn't, and according to Colonel Tigh, I am rated as non-expendable.
Adama: You are the highest rated Warrior we have.
Apollo: Father, don't you think I understand? You've lost so many members of the family -- Zac, mother.
Adama: I will not reprogram the search.
Apollo: You don't have to. Let the selections stand, but expand the party by one. If I am your highest rated Warrior you need me on this mission. Because if it fails, no one will survive, and you know it.
Adama: Tell Colonel Tigh it is so ordered.

The scene then switches to the Galactica bridge, with Starbuck and Athena.

Starbuck: Athena? Hi!
Athena: Hi.
Starbuck: Oh, is that the revised list for the mission?
Athena: Yes. I wanted to be on it, but the computer chose Leda. She's a convict.
Starbuck: You're lucky. It's a one-way voyage. Uh, may I? (taking the list)

The scene switches a briefing room aboard the Galactica, with Adama and the members of the demolitions team.

Adama: The shuttle will carry a snow vehicle, Ram-class armed with lasers. Sergeant Haals is Senior Gunnery master; Vickers is from the gun crew which held the rear guard at the Battle of Caprica. You will need a laser technician. Voight is the chief of the weapons repair section. You've met the demolition unit which will be led by Colonel Croft.
Croft: Does that mean I'm reinstated to full rank?
Adama: Temporarily. Full reinstatement will depend on the outcome of the operation.
Croft: Reinstatement on one hand, death on the other, huh?

At this point the telemovie and broadcast version converge, with Adama's remark that there's not all that much difference between the convicts and the rest of the population.

3. Questions About the Thetans (24s)

After Starbuck says "I don't like the way he said that," there is an unaired dialog where the Colonials express suspicions about the Thetans. It ends when the Thetans return with liquids to replenish the dehydrated crew.

Apollo: Something's very strange about all this. Humans surviving on a Cylon outpost? It doesn't make sense.
Croft: There's something else that doesn't make sense. These people aren't just simple hunters. Look at this place.
Boomer: Look at all this wreckage. That's Cylon armor.
Starbuck: And with scorch marks from combat laser.
Wolfe: I say we jump them and get outta here.
Leda: I agree. Apollo: If they fight Cylons, they're on our side. We might be able to use their help.
Boxey: I'm thirsty.

4. Leaving Behind the Others (20s)

After Apollo informs the Thetans that they have solenite, and Tenna promises to guide the Colonials to the village, there's some unaired dialog between Apollo and those who are staying behind from the mission.

Apollo: You should stay here with Vickers and Voight.
Halls: I'm fine, Captain.
Apollo: I know you are. I want somebody here who can defend himself, just in case.
Haals: I'm fine, skipper.
Apollo: I'll be back for you.

5. Trek to the Village Sequence (46s/30s)

There's a slight sequential difference between the telemovie and the broadcast version of the episode, after Boomer tells Apollo that Starbuck "took off with Tenna on the plateau." The telemovie version is slightly shorter, as there are less snow shots. The next two scenes are reversed from their broadcast sequence order, as. Wolfe's discussion with Croft of his getaway plans appears after Starbuck's conversation with Tenna.

6. Children of the Thetans (19s)

After the Thetans tell Boomer that the Thetans have been bearing and hiding children, there's some additional unaired dialog and scenes. Words in italics indicate dialog spoken in the broadcast version.

Ser 5-9: (smiles) But we have been bearing children.
Boomer: And hiding them.
Tenna: Yes. We love them.
Ser 5-9 II: We must hurry.

This is followed by short sequence of the task force spitting into two teams, Apollo and Ser 5-9 on the right, with the rest of the party on the right.

7. Boxey's Orders (38s)

After Tenna announces to Starbuck that the Cylons have caputred one of his pilots, there's some additional unaired dialog between Starbuck, Thane, Boomer and Boxey.

Tenna: The Cylons have captured one of your party.
Thane: I'll go for him.
Starbuck: You're not going anywhere. I need you to scale the mountain. I'll take a look, Boomer. If I'm not back in ten centons.
Boomer: I don't know, Starbuck.
Starbuck: I do.
Boxey: I'm going too. Dad said to keep an eye on you.
Starbuck: Your dad told you to... ? Now listen, kid. I'm counting on you as a Colonial Warrior to keep these children safe. Now your father also told you to obey orders, right?
Boxey: I guess so.
Starbuck: All right. Then snap to it cadet and stay clear of the women. Remember your on duty. (to Boomer) Be back in a flash.

The Living Legend

1. Cassie's Reunion (30s)

There are several seconds of unaired dialog between Cain and Cassiopeia, where she discusses Starbuck. Words in italics indicate lines spoken in the broadcast. Words in square brackets indicate lines spoken only in the broadcast version.

Cain: ... they're all in love with you, I'm sure.
Cassiopeia: No, only one, [Starbuck], and he doesn't love easily.
Cain: Then don't waste your time on him.
Cassiopeia: He's not a waste of time. He's just afraid of caring too much. He had a pretty rough infancy.
Cain: No worse than yours.
Cassiopeia: We all handle loneliness in our own ways. My way was to reach out to everyone. Starbuck's was to shut everyone out.
Cain: Starbuck. You're talking about Starbuck.
Cassiopeia: He's a great Warrior.

2. Sheba and Apollo in the Landing Bay (1m16s)

This is a scene between Sheba and Apollo, just after Sheba tells Apollo "working with you won't be a problem." It begins as both of the step out of the elevator and enter into the launch bay. The scene ends, just as Sheba climbs into her Viper.

Apollo: Sheba, there's not a person aboard the Galactica I wouldn't lay down my life for, and do every day.
Sheba: I'm sure you can't know everyone as well as you should.
Apollo: I know the lady you're upset about.
Sheba: Do you?
Apollo: I know who she is now. Who or what she may have been before doesn't count for anything. We've all been through a cleansing fire. It's stripped every one of us of those things that brought down our world -- only the strong have survived.
Sheba: Not necessarily. I know a little something about survival.
Apollo: It's a lot easier in a cockpit with thrusters and lasers to defend yourself than it is for people back aboard the fleet who must sit and wait. People like Cassiopeia, who work around the clock piecing together the wounded who aren't lucky enough to get out of the way.
Sheba: Cassiopeia works in the Life Station?
Apollo: Everyone's had to learn to contribute. She's one of our best medics.
Sheba: All right, Apollo. Consider me briefed.
Apollo: What about convinced?
Sheba: I don't convince easily. Human weakness is a given. It may lower its profile, as you put it. But it's still there.
Apollo: What about you? Any weaknesses?
Sheba: None that'll ever come between us, Captain.

The scene ends when Sheba climbs into her cockpit and lowers the canopy.

3. Bridge Dialog Before the Tanker Incident

Unaired bridge dialog just prior to the Vipers launching to get the fuel.

Tigh: It's kind of like the old days. I mean the luxury of being able to divide the fighting load between two battlestars.
Adama: Ah, actually more than a luxury. A blessing, a real blessing. And so was finding Commander Cain and his knowledge of this quadrant. Lord knows what would have happened if we had moved ahead into the Cylon war zone.
Tigh: In a way it's almost providential we ran out of fuel.
Adama: Yes, Colonel. You see, things do have a way of occuring providentially in a manner baffling to the mortal mind.

A one-second scene of a Viper scanner is absent in the telemovie version, at the end of this scene.

4. Bridge Dialog After the Tanker Incident (28s)

Unaired bridge dialog just prior to the post-mission conference between Adama and the strike captains.

Tigh: Fighter squadron returning, sir, but no tankers.
Adama: What?
Tigh: It seems like they were unable to locate the convoy.
Adama: That's odd. Cain seemed so certain he'd find it.
Tigh: What is certain is that we can't stay here. And we can't move without fuel. It looks like we'll have to attack their main base.
Adama: I want Commander Cain and his strike captains in my quarters as soon as they land.
Tigh: Yes sir.

5. Pegasus Launching Vipers (22s)

After Baltar tells the Cylon "Turn, you fool, turn." at the end of Part one, there's a short sequence of a Pegasus bridge officer, saying "Launch when ready," followed as Sheba, Bojay, and an unnamed Warrior launching their Vipers. This does not appear as a bonus on The Complete Epic Series DVD set.

6. Tight Knit Team - The Gamoray Mission Party (29s)

There's several seconds of unaired dialog after Cassiopeia says that they "have a [Med Tech] now." Words in italics indicate dialog spoken in the broadcast version.

Apollo: Oh for...
Boomer: Apollo. We're microns from launch.
Starbuck: Where do you think you're going?
Cassiopeia: On the mission.
Starbuck: Dressed like that? This is a jump.
Cassiopeia: I've got everything I need is in this carry-all.
Sheba: I am not going on the same shuttle with her.
Apollo: It's not up to you. She's one of us.
Boomer: Ah, this is a very nice tight knit team we have here.
Starbuck: With support troops like this, who needs Cylons?

7. Bridge Dialog Before the Drop on Gamoray (1m07s)

Unaired bridge dialog, just prior to when Tigh announces that the "Pegasus is on her way, right into the drop zone."

Adama: Tigh, notify all ship captains that the Galactica and Pegasus are moving out, leaving them temporarily unguarded.
Tigh: Do we tell them any more than that?
Adama: No. Helm, make ready to move. Flank speed, and fuel be damned. We've got to make that jump on Gamoray before they can launch.

War of the Gods

1. First Contact - Question for Iblis (14s)

After Iblis remarks to Apollo on the planet that the ships of light are looking for him, there's some additional dialog shown in the telemovie version.

Apollo: One more thing before we go. You say that your knowledge of the universe is infinite. Have you ever heard of the planet Earth?
Iblis: I've been there.
Sheba: Then you know where it is?
Iblis: Yes.

2. Bridge Dialog - Baltar's Arrival (32s)

There's some additional bridge dialog, at the very moment that Adama informs Tigh that Baltar was coming aboard the Galactica, under the universal sign of truce. Words in italics indicate dialog present in the broadcast version.

Apollo: Baltar? Here aboard the ship?
Adama: That is correct.
Starbuck: It has to be some kind of trick. Let me take a squadron out and give him a real hot reception.
Adama: I don't think it's a trick. He comes alone, unescorted.
Apollo: I hope you don't think this has anything to do with Count Iblis' promise.
Starbuck: If you ask me, it has nothing to do with it, and it's nothing supenatural. This is some kind of plan to get inside our defense. I now think Baltar and Count Iblis are working together.
Adama: The irony of it is, I wish I believed it were that simple. But we must take every precaution. Launch Blue Squadron to escort Baltar aboard.

3. Baltar's Trial - The Council Session (4m24s/2m21s)

There's a great deal of new dialog in the telemovie version of Baltar's trial and the following Council session. Words in italics indicate dialog spoken in the broadcast version. It begins just at the moment where Baltar warns the Council of powers greater than the Colonials and the Cylons.

Iblis: May I address the Council?
Iblis: (after the Statesman nods) Baltar... there is nothing that you or your Cylon friends can do to combat the powers of which you speak.
Baltar: What do you know of these powers? They defy description.
Iblis: I know these powers as well as I know you, Baltar.
Baltar: You do not know me. Who are you?
Iblis: I am Count Iblis, and I will lead these people away from your ruthless pursuit.
Baltar: That voice. There is something about your voice. I have heard it before.
Iblis: It is the voice of truth. It will lead these people as it has led you to surrender to their justice.
Baltar: I came here of my own free will.
Iblis: Just as you willingly drop to your knees to accept your punishment.
Baltar: (gasping, as he is forced to drop on his knees) Adama...
Adama: Remove him.
Baltar: (as guards remove him from the Chamber)... who is he... you can't... you can't do this to me... I came here of my own free...
Iblis: There were to be two more prerequisites to our bargain. One, that I should lead you to Earth, and the other was to be decided amonst you. What is your decision?
Statesman: Now, Count Iblis, I ask you to give us time to consider that which we will propose.
Iblis: I believe I have proved myself worthy of your trust. How long is this consideration to be?
Statesman: Oh, not long, Count Iblis, not long.
Iblis: Very well. May I remind you that the people are expectant. Now, they rejoice in the fall of Baltar, but soon, they will demand that the journey to Earth begin. When you have decided, you will find me amonst the people in celebration.

Iblis leaves the Chamber.

Statesman: I believe we all should join in the celebration, and I see no reason to delay electing Count Iblis to the Presidency of our Quorum. Are there any dissenting votes?
Adama: If I may. It's true Count Iblis has done as promised. And as you said, Sire, it was inspirational. However, there are still questions unanswered, Warriors who have disappeared, disquieting events still to be studied. May I suggest adjournment until this same time tomorrow.
Statesman: Adama, do we want to offend this man who has already proven himself to be our benefactor, our friend, and a worthy leader.
Adama: I will not even concede the word man. This being has come to us from the depths of space. He wishes to lead us. Why?
Statesman: Why?
Adama: Why?
Statesman: Well of course... it's because...
Statesman #2: It's because he has lost his own people. He sees us as vulnerable children in the path of peoples and powers beyond our comprehension.
Adama: I love you all, and I have led you with compassion and powers of discernment which I cannot claim to have been mine alone to give. I believe we have been helped by those powers which inspired our forefathers. That discerning torch in my soul begs you to afford me the same opportunity you have given Iblis. I want time, time to consider, time to search the records, time to pray.
Statesman: I for one find Adama's words true and reasonable. Yes, and I suppose one more day won't offend Count Iblis. But tomorrow, we covenant ourselves to his leadership. Is that agreed?
Adama: Barring any disturbing factors to the contrary.
Statesman: Fair enough. The Council of Twelve stands adjourned.

4. Apollo's Return (1m17s)

There's a new scene of Starbuck, Apollo and Sheba returning on board the Galactca in the shuttle. As they exit the shuttle, Boomer, Athena, Adama and Tigh greet them.

Apollo: Boomer! I don't believe it.
Boomer: I hardly believe it myself.
Apollo: What about the other pilots, any sign of them?
Tigh: All safe, and apparently victims of the same thing. Some kind of navigational sabotage.
Starbuck: Navigational sabotage?
Athena: We were receiving distress signals from their ships from that burned out planet where you found Iblis.
Tigh: We sent out a patrol and sure enough, every one of our Warriors were sitting there, waiting. Out of fuel, but otherwise pefectly fine, as you can see. Now what about you? We'd given up hope. You were the ones we expected to find on the planet. not the missing Warriors.
Adama: Well, I never lost hope. But I can't tell you how happy I am to see you all back again. Apollo, I'm very anxious to hear your report.
Apollo: Well, it's a long hard situation to explain, father.
Apollo: All right. Suppose we all get cleaned up, meet in my quarters. We'll have a council and a feast of thanksgiving.

Experiment in Terra

This telemovie is the only one based on the one-hour episodes which actually features new footage. It begins with an astronaut finding Commander Adama's log book in space, and a short pre-Carillon synopsis of the pilot, with narrations by Patrick Macnee and Lorne Greene (reciting from the log book.) This is followed by more stock footage from the pilot episode, and an edited version of "The Return of Starbuck." This version of the Galactica 1980 episode has had all the scenes and references to Angela and her star child removed, and is made to appear as if Starbuck took the part-Cylon part-Galactican escape craft back to the Battlestar Galactica. This sequence is then followed by an expanded version of the episode "Experiment in Terra."

The following is a list of new and cut scenes found in the telemovie presentation of Experiment in Terra, when compared with the broadcast version of the pisode.

1. Adama's Predicament (1m09s)

In between the scenes where Apollo peels off from the Viper patrol, and is captured aboard the Ship of Lights, there is a new scene between Adama and Tigh on the choices facing them on this mission. It begins with Tigh entering the commander's quarters.

Adama: Enter. No word?
Tigh: No. I'm getting concerned.
Adama: What lies beyojnd that Destroyer concerns me. We're heading directly into a war zone.
Tigh: Adama, if I may suggest.
Adama: Please.
Tigh: Why don't we bypass Lunar 7 entirely. Take the fleet on to the mother planet, Terra.
Adama: And what then? How do we assess the true predicament of those people? Who's in the right? Who's in the wrong?
Tigh: Surely, the Alliance is in the wrong.
Adama: I would think so. But suppose both sides are partially wrong. Do we meddle in their affairs and perhaps lend our superior technology to the wrong side?
Tigh: Adama, we are not gods. We've got our own people to think about.
Adama: Yes, that's true. And so we must wait for our patrol to report on the true situation on Lunar 7.

2. Starbuck and Boomer - Prolog (33s)

After Apollo arrives on Terra, uttering the words "It wasn't a dream," there are several lines of dialog absent in the broadcast version, but shown unedited in the telemovie version. The conversation takes place between Starbuck and Boomer in their Vipers:

Starbuck: Nothing. Not a trace.
Boomer: We've barely got enough fuel to complete our mision and rendezvous with the Galactica.
Starbuck: We can't stop now. Apollo's out there somewhere.
Boomer: We could get the Galactica to come to us. We're too far for voice communication.
Starbuck: What if we turned on our long range distress beacon?
Boomer: Oh, they'd pick that up. So might any Destroyers in the area.
Starbuck: It's either that or give up on Apollo.

At this point both versions converge, as Starbuck hears the blip on his scanner and says "It got it. A long range distress signal. That's got to be Apollo."

3. Starbuck and Boomer - Epilog (6s)

After Boomer waves off Apollo, there's six addional seconds of footage of Starbuck's Viper flying off, followed by Boomer rolling his eyes and giving a sigh. This does not appear on The Complete Epic Series DVD set.

4. Terran background (16s)

After Starbuck and Apollo's dialog with Generals Maxwell and Stone outside the Precedium, there's a shot of the planet Terra as seen from from space (11s), followed by a shot of scene in a desert (5s). The scene then switches to the Eastern Alliance war room, and then Starbuck and Brenda's search for his Viper. This does not appear on The Complete Epic Series DVD set.

5. The Precedium - The President's Speech (6m08s/2m36s)

This is a very long sequence, which begins after Starbuck and Brenda are searching for his Viper in her vehicle, and she tells Starbuck "I don't know what to believe." The scene switches to applause and speeches before the Precedium. Words in italics indicate dialog spoken in the broadcast version.

President: General Maxwell has accused me of withholding information from you. That our satellites which provide us with our fuel and our food have been attacked. Some of them even destroyed. There is some truth to his allegations. However, I felt that any word -- prematurely given out -- would lead our generals to demand a retalliation, an act that would lead us unto devastation. (pauses) I am here to announce this night a secret treaty made with the Eastern Alliance whereby all hostilities will be halted.
Maxwell: (to Stone, as Precedium bursts into applause) A treaty with the Eastern Alliance? Has he lost his mind?
Stone: (to Maxwell) Hasn't everybody in the past 24 hours?
President: The crux of the matter is and has always been disarmament -- a continual buildup of military might that leaves our world no margin for error. The most elemental misjudgment and everything we've known is gone, evaporated, in less time then it will take you as a responsible body to ratify this treaty. The terms are simple. Phase one -- both the Eastern Alliance and the Free Nationalists will simultaneously disarm under mutual supervision. Phase two -- we agree to negotiate in good faith a new and greater body of government which will not only preserve our individual nationalities, but also guarantee to each of our nations and to the members of the Eastern Alliance alike equal access to the resources and food of our planet system. Now before I ask for a formal vote, I ask General Maxwell if he would like to comment on my proposal.
Maxwell: (to Stone) He's boxed me in and there's nothing that I can say.
Apollo: (to Maxwell) I can. (speaking into communicator) Starbuck, come in. Come in, Starbuck. Starbuck, if you can hear me I'll stall them as long as I can.
Maxwell: (stepping up to the podium) Ordinarily I would cry out against appeasement. I would shout betrayal over the President's systematically allowing our defence posture to deteriorate beyond repair. The time has come and gone when we as a free body can express opinions and choose our fate. Our fate has been sealed. If you will, I will call upon a visitor to our nation, a young man who has come from afar to tell us that our predicament is not unique, that once upon a time there was another world very much like our own, which ended as abruptly as I believe ours is about to end now. I give you Captain Apollo of the Battlestar Galactica, a ship from a world and star system far from our own.
President: (to Maxwell) What kind of trick is this?
Maxwell: (to the President) Hear him out, Mr. President. If he makes a fool of me you win.
President: The Chair recognizes Captain Apollo.
Apollo: (stepping up to the podium) There was once, far across this universe, a system of twelve planets who had reached a level of commerce and peace unparelled in our knowledge of Man. The names of these planets are Caprica, Sagitarria, Virgon...

The scene ends as the Eastern Alliance leader gives orders to "stand by to launch our missiles."

5. The Precedium - Apollo's Speech - Epilog (20s)

There's some additional dialog by Apollo before the Precedium, immediately after Starbuck at last finds his Viper, and before the Eastern Alliance leader orders a launch of the missiles. Words in italics indicate lines spoken in the broadcast version.

Apollo: ... freedom. Freedom cannot be negotiated. It is rarely given. It is usually won at great cost and sacrifice. Once lost, the price for regaining it will be ever higher. I came from a world where the people believed the oppositie of war was peace. We found out the hard way that the opposite of war is more often slavery. And that strength -- strength alone -- can support freedom.