Criminal Defense

The ability to arrest and imprison citizens is perhaps the greatest and most threatening power the state has.  When facing criminal charges, it is therefore vital to have qualified, experienced counsel to assist and protect you.  Every year, thousands of innocent people are arrested, and dozens of convicted felons, some on death row, have been found innocent and released due to modern DNA evidence.  Even people technically guilty of offenses deserve to have their rights protected, and their position defended.

Mr. Lesko studied Criminal Procedure under Yale Kamisar, one of the nation's foremost 4th Amendment experts.  (Mr. Kamisar appointed him "Class Enforcer", because he "looked tough.")  He also scored near the top of his class in Criminal and Constitutional Law, and often read ahead in his Criminal Law casebook for sheer enjoyment. 

Mr. Lesko has helped represent defendants in major felony cases as well as more basic drug possession and alcohol-related driving offenses.  None of his clients have ever been incarcerated.


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