Telemarketing Issues

Telemarketing harassment has become worse in recent years, often disturbing people’s valued personal time.  To prevent such calls, the federal government created a national do-not-call registry which forbids private telemarketers from contacting those who join.  Registration is free and easy.

Many telemarketers, however, still ignore the law, and continue to call people on the registry.  To address this, state and federal governments have created a private remedy for such violations, totaling about $500 for each violation.  This means if you get 2 calls from a company, you’re entitled to $1000 from them in private damages.  Multiple violations, of course, can mean even higher damages, potentially totaling tens of thousands of dollars.  

It should also be noted that certain calls, like most recorded calls, are always considered violations even if you’re not on the list.  For those on the list, such calls represent a double violation, increasing the amount owed.   

Mr. Lesko has obtained thousands of dollars in cases against telemarketers, who are generally eager to settle to avoid even greater penalties.  He can help you get similar payments in addition to stopping future calls.


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