Benefits of Private Tutoring

It has long been known that the most effective learning comes from one-on-one instruction.  Teachers in all arenas agree that classroom size directly affects their ability to convey information.  Critics of modern public schools point to excessive class size as an obstacle to quality education.  

The best and most prestigious schools, on the other hand, point to smaller classes and lower teacher/student ratios as signs of quality, and effective instruction.

The ultimate in teaching effectiveness occurs in a one-on-one tutoring context, where the teacher can devote their energy to the education of a single student.  Personalized lesson plans can be structured to fit the needs and abilities of the individual student, maximizing the student's learning.  Where there are questions, the instructor can immediately respond, instead of being distracted by other student needs.  The result is learning that is both more effective and efficient, since less time is generally needed to convey the same concepts.  That's why athletes and the wealthy use tutors - they facilitate better, faster learning.  

The above is true of LSAT prep as well.  Even in-class courses like Kaplan and Princeton Review recognize the benefits of private LSAT tutoring, and therefore offer such options to their students - at extremely inflated prices.  Princeton Review discusses the superiority of private tutoring on their website in the following manner:  

Private Tutoring for the LSAT

The Ultimate in Personalized Attention:

The Princeton Review's Private Tutoring program is our most exclusive, customized offering. By learning at your own pace, you
can fully master each concept. This intensive approach will enable you to attain your best score.

Focused Instruction:

With LSAT Tutoring, you will learn the material in manageable
units as your tutor works through them with you. By focusing
entirely on you, your tutor will help minimize the amount of time
you spend preparing for the test while maximizing your score.

However, as discussed below, LSAT Perfection is preferable to corporate options in several respects.

LSAT Perfection Advantages