LSAT Perfection Advantages

There are three main advantages to working with LSAT Perfection: Quality, Flexibility, and Cost.


All our instructors have scored above the 99th percentile on the LSAT.  This is important because effective LSAT instruction requires that the instructor possess a thorough mastery of the exam.  The best, most objective way to measure such understanding is success on the actual test.  

Kaplan and Princeton Review, the two largest preparation companies, usually just require a 90th percentile score (only 163 on the current scale).  While this may be adequate to convey basic concepts, it doesn't indicate full mastery of the exam.  Most of these instructors, for example, probably couldn't get into a top law school, which is the goal of many students.

Think about it - who would you rather have teach you to play golf?  Tiger Woods, or a minor-level golf pro?  The same principle applies to LSAT instruction.  If you want to be the best, you should probably learn from the best.


Most major preparation options, like Kaplan and Princeton Review, require that a student commit to full-length, in-class courses, at flat rates that run over $1000.  Tutoring options with these companies tend to be even more expensive, and usually involve bulk packages ranging from $2000 to $4000.

We, on the other hand, leave the number of sessions and overall cost up to you.  You can schedule as few or as many sessions as you like, and can decide to discontinue services at any time.  This means you have complete control to structure sessions to reflect your own scheduling and preparation needs.  You only pay for one session at a time, so there is no long-term investment, and no risk.

Finally, we also offer Online Tutoring -- the ultimate in flexibility.  Through our online services, we can work with you regardless of location or time constraints.  Moreover, through this service we can provide you with explanations for any Game, Reading Passage, or Logical Reasoning question, at a low, per-explanation rate.  Again, you only pay for what you actually need and use.


Cost alone should never be the primary consideration when preparing for the LSAT.  However, despite our superior instructors and greater flexibility, you may be surprised to find that our services are also more affordable. Because we are a private company, our sessions cost significantly less than those offered by most competitors.  

While our fees are somewhat flexible, and may reflect factors like the number of sessions scheduled and the student's ability to pay, they are generally significantly less than those charged by our competitors.  (Bulk package hourly rates for these companies tend to run well over $120, with individual sessions, when available, even more expensive.)  

Because of our higher standards, greater flexibility, and lower cost, LSAT Perfection is a superior alternative to corporate alternatives.  For those who want in-depth, focused guidance,  personal tutoring is superior to in-class courses.  For those students taking courses, we can provide supplemental assistance at rates far below those charged by corporate tutors.  And for those who prefer to study on their own, we provide superior, cost-effective assistance whenever needed.  

Finally, for those not in our service area, we provide affordable, effective Online Tutoring to ensure you still achieve your maximum potential.

(Note:  Even students who began working with us AFTER taking in-class courses have experienced 7+ point gains.  Again, while Kaplan and Princeton Review may be adequate for conveying basic concepts, they generally fail to help students fully achieve their maximum potential.)  

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