About our Staff

LSAT Perfection tutors are among the brightest people in the country.  All have scored above the 99th percentile on their Law School Admission Tests.  In addition, all are either students at or graduates of the University of Michigan Law School, consistently ranked among the best in the nation.

The scores achieved by our tutors require a thorough understanding, and mastery, of the LSAT.  They are therefore ideally equipped to help you understand the exam.  Our tutors will provide you with the specific tips and approaches that brought them success, and will also assist you through difficult or challenging questions.

Because our tutors have successfully completed the process of getting into a top legal program, they are also ideally situated to give you advice on applications, law schools, law school study, and the legal market.  

Much of learning consists of modeling yourself after your instructor.  If you'd like to attend a top program, doesn't it make sense to study with someone who's already done so?