Test-Prep Companies

LSAT Perfection realizes that many students prefer to learn in a classroom setting, at least initially.

We have therefore provided links to several of the major in-class test prep courses.  We encourage all students to research the available options, and compare the available services to what we offer.

For students who prefer an in-class course of study, we recommend the TestMasters study course.  Unlike the other options, TestMasters focuses exclusively on the LSAT.  It also has higher standards for its instructors, and provides a more extensive and rigorous course of study.  However, feel free to review the courses yourself to determine which appears best to you.

To visit the websites for the major test-prep companies, simply click on the links below:

Testmasters            (www.testmasters180.com)

Princeton Review        (www.review.com)

Stanley Kaplan        (www.kaptest.com)