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Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is the University of Michigan's Pre-Law fraternity.  The fraternity acts as a source of information about law school, getting into law school, and the legal profession.  It holds regular meetings featuring various speakers and panels.

U of M Phi Alpha Delta Website

Michigan Pre-Law Discussion Group

This is a Yahoo Group created to provide a forum for Michigan pre-law students.  Feel free to ask any questions about courses, professors, admissions, applications, or law schools.

Michigan Pre-Law Discussion Group


Jd2b.com is a law school blog that contains a great deal of  information for pre-law students, including links to U.S. News Rankings info, faculty quality rankings, Supreme Court Clerkship rankings, and other law school information.  It also contains articles about law schools and legal practice, as well as links to other blogs created by current law students:

Jd2b Blog


LawSchool.com is another website providing information about law schools for law and pre-law students:



Information for law and pre-law students, including applications info, course outlines, and case briefs.  

4LawSchool.com website

Princeton Review Law School Discussion Board

The Princeton Review hosts a pre-law discussion board popular with college and law students.  While it is therefore possible to get information and questions answered on the board, you should be forewarned there is also a great deal of irrelevant and often obscene commentary.  Enter at your own risk!

Discussion Board

Badgering the Witness

This blog analyzes troublesome LSAT questions, in addition to providing commentary on a non-traditional applicant's law school odyssey

Witness Blog