Property Law

Real Property is a precious resource that allows us to create a zone of privacy between ourselves, our neighbors, and even the government.  However, at times this asset must be protected from those who would violate and encroach upon it.  At other times, the long-term maintenance and care of abandoned property may give individuals new ownership rights. 

Mr. Lesko worked extensively on property issues while working in Washington, D.C., focusing on ownership and use rights in various contexts.  In Michigan, Mr. Lesko continues to apply that experience.  In one major case, a landowner had maintained and occupied a neighboring abandoned city alley for over a decade.  When new neighbors sought to reopen the alley (a prior source of vandalism), Mr. Lesko filed an abandonment claim for the area, eventually pressuring the City to formally vacate the land and transfer it to the landowner.  As a result, the landowner emerged with a significantly enlarged land area, and also ensured the protection of structures threatened by a re-opened alley.


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