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I am posting this site to ask for public assistance in my quest to be reunited with my daughter. I have been a victim of domestic violence and am currently struggling to obtain custody of my daughter. She is young and impressionable and her mother has already begun a pattern of alienation and obstruction. I continue to be prevented from seeing her regularly and have been engaged in legal action for some time.
We are on the brink of being united once again, but unfortunately the economic burden of high legal fees, tactical delays on her mother's part, and my impecable record of payment for support and daycare, have all left me financially drained. Please understand I DO NOT want to take my daughter away, but ensure both of her parents have the ability to be a part of her life. I have borrowed and scrimped from every place I can so I am now forced to turn to you and anyone you know to help me in my battle to do the right thing by my child. Please help me if you can.
I also must assure you that this is no hoax. I am for real and working and fighting hard to be a part of my little girl's life. In addition to putting all and everything towards offsetting the high cost of legal battles, any monies that I receive above and beyond my struggle, I will donate towards helping others in similar situations.

Thank you for your patience and support. May God bless you and your family.

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