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                    "To be - or not to be..." Wm. Shakespeare
                      "Great taste - Less filling!" Anhauser Busch
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A place for me to put my clients' commercial scripts, for them to see . 
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   Yup - I'm a TV junkie - and I say so without reservation! Farthermore, I believe I'm not alone... In fact, I firmly believe that I'm but one in a whole society of TV junkies, who are, for one reason or another, are afraid to "come out of the closet". Think about it... how often, say at work, do you ask a fellow colleague about their previous nights adventures, and their reply... "oh... nothing"? I'll bet my remote control (a nice Sony one, by the way) that they REALLY sat in their favorite chair, watching the tube, (just like myself) ,and that they're, for some reason afraid to admit to the fact. 

   How often have you wondered if you're the only one in the world who spends 6 hours in the evening, watching the tube - after working in front of one 8 hours prior? 

   Do these quotes sound familiar..."why should we go out, Ali McBeal's on right here!", or "Are you crazy, not tonight, It's Thursday night - must see TV!!"... Do you know the meaning of "DOHHHH!!!" Do you talk in TV quotes? - Well, DO YOU??? 
   Do you turn on the tube, just "for  the backround noise"??? 

   Ever wonder why you put the kids to bed at the top of the hour???, why your bladder pressures coincide perfectly with network commercial breaks???? - Your a TV junkie, that's why!!! 

   It's OK - Don't be afraid, Embrace it! Enjoy it - It's your passion, and nobody can take take it away from you!! Hey, While you're away from the Tube, enjoy my TV links  below - and for goodness sake... Go on.... 

C'mon - Speak your mind!