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Takizawa 3-29-1982

Takizawa is the cutest Johnny's Jr.! He stars as Ryu in News No Onna, and the unique parent/child + love relationship between Ryu and Tamaki (Suzuki Honami) is heart-warming. Takizawa's drama Majo No Jouken, co-starring Matsushima Nanako, is about a high school teacher vs. student love relationship...weird! Johnny's Jimusho is trying really hard now to select someone, possibly from Johnny's Jr., to team up with Takizawa to form a band, similar to what they did with ARASHI. Taiyo Wa Shizumanai is Takizawa's newest drama in which he and Yuka play a couple. The lead actress in this drama, however, is not Yuka but Matsuyuki Yasuko.