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by James and Juanice Teer

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Juanice and James Teer James and Juanice Teer have been involved in mission work in Mexico since 1984. They lived in Monclova, Coah. for over three years, working with La Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) Ministries. They now base their "Ministry of Helps" out of their home in Buffalo, Texas. They make several trips into Mexico each year helping missionaries and Bible translators with various tasks.
When they are in Texas, the Teers work through a local Baptist church as missions directors with Mission Service Corps. This responsibility includes teaching about missions and leading group mission trips. During spring break this year, they escorted a group into Mexico to help with construction at a new orphanage. James and Juanice are also working with a local Spanish mission, teaching ESL classes and helping to train the church leaders. They are now preparing to have the first "La Cena Santa" (Lord's Supper). Most of the members are new Christians.
ESL Classes
Most of the students (and church members) work on local farms and ranches and put in many hours in one week, sometimes 6 and 7 days a week. They are all so tired by Sunday afternoon it is a real challenge to keep things lively so that no one wants to take a "siesta."

There is an average of twelve students attending our Sunday afternoon classes for an hour and a half. Because many are seasonal workers, they continue to move in and out of the area. It is their prayer that more (steady) jobs will become available.

Local Flea Market
We are beginning to tap into the local flea market as a means to reach the Hispanic community. There are plans to have Spanish-speaking music groups to come and sing while members hand out tracts and information concerning the church and ESL classes.


Acts 16:9

Being in daily contact with missionaries, they get requests for many items. Items are either shipped to the border to be picked up or, if possible, the Teers deliver into Mexico themselves. James and Juanice have transported Bibles, tracts, videos, computers, teaching materials, parts for cars, bicycles and various hard-to-find household items.

James is putting the "finishing touches" on a home that he as helped build for a missionary couple looking towards retirement.

Puppets and Puppeteers Juanice writes puppet scripts, designs and makes puppets that are being used by several missionaries from the Texas border to the mountain villages south of Oxaca, Mexico.
Their Latest Project
They are now gathering toys for an annual Children's Crusade in Mexico this summer. Last year there were about 800 children at the services and over 300 professions of faith made. This year they are praying for even more souls and they want to be able to put a toy into each little hand. Now that's a lot of little toys!

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