Motion by Jules Mills

Part One - Horizontal Motion

"Oh, my God, this is disgusting," Rachel Jones commented as she tried to roll the large, stiff body onto its back. The corpse's head was glued to the floor by dried blood and would not budge.

"Kev, you got a spatula or something over there?"

Kev Grinchgold was filling a large plastic bucket with bleach and water. He opened a few drawers in the kitchen, found a paint stirrer, and tossed it to the hacker.

"You have to be fucking kidding me." She took the wooden spatula and wedged it under the man's head, rolling him with a loud, ripping sound onto his back. The man's eyes were a cloudy gray, and blood had congealed in his thick, dark hair where it had lain in the blood. By the lack of a prominent cheekbone, it looked as though the bones on the right side of his face had been shattered.

In the trunk of the blue Sable, Kev had found a tarp, which was now lying on the floor between the two bodies, and a freshly-purchased, blue Wal-Mart bag of clean-up supplies. With both hands and a foot, Rachel gave a shove to the large corpse, which was now in rigor mortis. It rolled onto the tarp with a thwap. Then she walked around the other side and dragged the limp body of Henry Taxson onto the tarp as well.

Together she and Kev Grinchgold dragged the full package to the garage and placed the bodies in the trunk of the Sable, which Kev had pulled into the garage.

"I'm going to get double pay for this, right?" Kev asked as they reentered the house.

"I was asking myself the same question," Rachel admitted, following him back inside.

Together they took several rolls of paper towels and began to clean up the blood from the floors, walls, and furniture as well as any other remainders of the previous day's battles. Cleaning the blood off the concrete in the basement required a hose hooked up from the outside faucet draped through a window. The floor was sprayed until it was clean and the bloody water was washed into the sump pump. Then they climbed back upstairs to finish the house.

Both Kev and Rachel stared at the window pane of the back door.

"What do we do about that?" Kev asked.

Rachel shrugged. "Hell if I know."

"Want me to go buy another pane?"

"At two in the morning? I don't k now about you, but I want to get the hell out of here."

"So what do we do?"

"We'll cover it up with cardboard or plastic and make it look like he did it himself."

Using duct tape he had found in the car trunk, Kev taped up the window while Rachel washed away fingerprints and blood traces with a chemical protein-degrading agent also found in the car. It was likely that they were carrying out Henry Taxson's housekeeping plans.

They packed away all of the cleaning materials in a plastic bag with the bodies and drove the Sable away, watchful of any neighbors who might have been spying after all of the noise.

"This is a spooky neighborhood," Rachel commented as she looked at the quiet, seemingly desolate houses. And then she thought about Dana, tossed away to die in that little hole, and the neighborhood seemed fitting to that kind of horror.

"What about the bodies and the car?"

"I don't know," she snapped. "It's not like I do this shit every day. I'm a computer programmer, not a Pulp Fiction character."

"We can't drive around forever with two bodies in a stolen car."

"Yes, Kev, I am very much aware of that." You owe me big-time for this one, Papadopolis, she thought to herself.

God, she loved how Dana tasted, the curls brushing her cheek as she nibbled on evidence of her lover's arousal...loved seeing the hood expose its treasure...loved the soft texture...loved smelling the delicate musk that clung to her lover...loved the tremors her kisses drew. She loved it all--tastes, textures, smells, sights, and sounds--and doubted that she could live another day without them. Dana was truly a feast for the senses. Fearing that Dana was going to peak too soon, she released her hold, withdrawing her mouth and allowing Dana to slide back beneath the cooling waters, dampening her fire and giving Grace the opportunity to stoke it again slowly.

Nestling a small hand in the place it had found between Dana's thighs, she stroked the area teasingly. A particular movement made Dana's body jerk, and a cherubic face looked up at the dark-haired woman.

"Too hard?"

Blue eyes blinked and smiled. "A little."

When Dana leaned forward to place a kiss on the top of her head, she paused in her assault on Dana's chest to return the kiss before moving her attention elsewhere, taking her time and slowly inching her hand lower.

The hand adjusted its pressure and speed in the water, and blue eyes twinkled under dark lashes.

The doctor moved back up the long body until they were face to face. She watched the dark face as its lids drooped and the blue eyes glassed over in pleasure.

Once again changing speed, Grace watched her silent lover's breath quicken as lips and legs parted, opening to her movements. Lowering her mouth against Dana's, she stole her lover's air, breathing in the warm smell of skin and passion. Blue eyes closed as again she brought their lips together with the barest of feather-light touches. The hand which had been kneading the doctor's rounded bottom no longer moved. This stilling of Dana's body told Grace that her lover was getting close, and shelistened eagerly for the soft moan or low gasp, these small sounds her quiet lover's only sounds of release.

A large, callused hand snaked its way from the side of the tub between the two bodies to the round breast, palming an already-hard nipple. This caused Grace to arch forward harder onto Dana, whose breathing had quickened and was coming now in rapid pants which signaled that drawing air was no longer her goal. She stopped breathing altogether as Grace entered her with her fingers, brushing the already-swollen clit with her thumb. The touch resonated in her own body, moving her deeper into the embrace and Dana. With a smile, she watched as the small muscles along her lover's cheeks twitched with the strain of containing her passion. God, she loved this part. She was the only one, the only one Dana allowed to see her this vulnerable, to make her this vulnerable--the only one she trusted enough to touch her. This was the most precious and wonderful thing about their lovemaking: the trust.

Dana tried to move into the doctor's touch, but Grace altered her motions, diving along the muscular thighs before again brushing against sensitive skin, her reward the barest of tremors which rippled through her lover's muscular frame. Keeping Dana guessing, she alternated soft, slow caresses with lightning-quick attacks, further sensitizing already-responsive flesh.

Muffling Dana's soft vocals with her mouth, she teased her way around parted lips before sliding her tongue over Dana's and exploring the silken heat of her lover's mouth. Matching the rhythm of her tongue to the one set by her fingers, she brought Dana higher, almost--but not quite--taking full possession of the moist heat pulsing under her touch. Synchronous shivers ran through her body, transmitting themselves to Dana through the contact of their bodies, locking them in a feedback loop that threatened to engulf them both. The heat from the satin walls delighted her, drawing her deeper into her passionate exploration.

Grace watched in fascination as her lover's face continued to darken and contort with the pleasure rippling through her muscles. A quirky twist to the full close, Dana was so close. Grace deepened her movements and Dana gasped, the low, drawn-out groan triggering an equally intense reaction in her own body. Twisting her hand slowly, she claimed more of her lover, driving the tall woman to the edge of her control. The long form under her spasmed and jerked slightly before relaxing and becoming still. Only the sound of two sets of ragged breathing returning to normal filled the silence of the bathroom.

Moments later Dana's blue eyes fluttered open, light and sated. Tired green eyes sparkled at her, and a gentle hand caressed her forehead, brushing back dark bangs and revealing a white scar at the hairline before sealing the intimacy of their lovemaking with a kiss.

Moving her once-stilled hand, she renewed her exploration of Grace's supple flesh, tracing circular patterns on the firm cheeks before dipping lower and zeroing in on her target.

Aftershocks continued to linger between Dana's legs, the tingles beginning anew as Grace's hands continued to run over her torso even as the doctor lowered herself over a long, rigid thigh. She gripped Grace's hips, moving her in time to the internal tempo of the pulsing rhythm still coursing through her, transmitting her instructions by sliding her lower forward and then back again.

Grace's warm breath heated her lover's already-flushed face, searing her >from chin to cheek. One hand was braced against the tile as she quickened her movements. Responding to the increased urgency, Dana lifted her knee, causing green eyes to close in pleasure and her morevocal lover to groan and murmur as she neared climax. Teasingly she traced a light path across the taut abdomen, tugging at the dark curls, fingers dancing over slightly-parted lips before spinning away to trace the muscles of the firm backside.

Even through the water surrounding them Dana could feel the heat leaking >from Grace.

Marveling that she had inspired such an intense level of arousal in her lover, she pressed Grace harder against the thigh she was riding, feeling the hard, sensitive nub jump in response to the increased stimulation. Grace ground against one thigh, sliding against her, accidentally bumping her mound and sending electric shocks back through Dana's skin.

Still a little high, Grace didn't take long to display the tell-tale tremors, and Dana felt the rush of wetness against her thigh as her partner peaked, grunting and shaking with the waves of her orgasm. The violent spasms of her release drove her thigh firmly against Dana, and suddenly the taller woman joined her in release, her soft moans twining with Grace's louder ones.

Grace nestled her face in Dana's neck and kissed her. The water had cooled, and the porcelain tub against Dana's rump was becoming uncomfortable after her two days on the concrete floor

"Want to go to bed, Chipmunk?" Dana whispered into the hair that tickled her nose.

"Mmmmm." A moment, and then the doctor reluctantly lifted herself off the larger frame. Wobbly legged, she stepped over the edge of the tub and grabbed two towels off the rack above the toilet, holding one open for her lover. Dana winced as she stood straight and allowed Grace to wrap her up in the white, fluffy towel.

Together they crawled under the covers of the large bed and cuddled into each other's arms.

"What day is it?" Dana asked. The two had not spoken much during the drive, during which Dana had been simply adjusting to the fact that she was alive.

"Tuesday morning."

"Where's Rip?"

"Mrs. Nesmith is feeding her."

"Oh." Long fingers drew circles on the bare shoulder. "You missed work."

"It happens."

"Not for you."

"You're worth a less-than-perfect attendance record." An easy smile crossed pink, satisfied lips.



"I killed that man."

A pause. "Was he trying to hurt you?"

"Yeah." A few more circles. "Do you think all killing is wrong?"

Grace rolled up to her side to face her lover. "I would rather have you here than not have you."

Dana turned her head to look at her companion. "I don't feel bad about it, and I think I should. Would you feel bad about it?"

Grace stared at the blanket. "Dana, I don't know how to answer that. When you were a kid, did you ever think you would be in this situation?"

Dana looked back at the ceiling. "No, I wanted to be a fisherman."

"That's kind ofwhere I am, Dana. I'm a doctor, and I don't think I could picture myself in that situation, or want to picture myself in that situation. But if I had to protect a child or someone I love, like you, I could probably do it, although I guess I would feel some guilt...but that's speculation."

Dana thought about that as she stared at the ceiling.

"How did you get in the basement?"

"I don't know. I had Reichert cornered and then--wham!--blackness."

"Reichert? Is he the other dead guy?"

"No. That was Steve...I mean Henry. He must have snuck in while I was concentrating on Reichert."

"Reichert? Why does that name sound familiar?"

"He led the Alpha and Beta projects. He says he's working for the government, but I've been thinking about that. He must have gone commercial, sold himself to someone; otherwise I would have been U.S. property long ago."

"So it's not over, is it?"


"So what do we do next?"

"Go home and go back to work. Maybe Rachel and I can locate him electronically."

"And do what? Kill him?"

Dana swallowed, at a loss for words.

"Dana, I think that would be wrong. It's premeditated."

"I didn't say I would kill him."

"Did you think it?"

"Well...yeah. Does that make me a bad person?"

"No, it makes you very human, especially after what he's done to you. But it's not the answer."

"I know." A sigh. "What do you suggest?"

"Find him and his lab and destroy their project."

Dana stared at the ceiling in silence.

"You're fire, you know," the blonde stated.

Blue eyes quietly regarded her.

"You're his fire. He needs you. And that's why he didn't extinguish you."

"Are you high?"


"You are. Look at your pupils. You're high as a kite."

"I took something to stay awake."

Dana climbed out of bed and walked over to the doctor's coat, shoving her hands into the pockets until she found the amber container.

"B-aminopropylbenene? Jesus, Grace, how long have you been...?"

The blonde forced herself out of bed and walked over to the nano tech.

"Give me those."

Dana held them up high so that the shorter woman could not reach them.

"I only took them this weekend, so I could stay awake."

"No more," the dark-headed woman stated sternly. She walked to the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet.

"I wasn't going to take any more anyway," Grace claimed. "Besides, you smoked."

The tall woman brushed past her and climbed back into bed. "I was trying to get your attention, Knucklehead, not high."


December 1998 by Jules Mills