Zelda64 Gameshark Codes

US Version 1.0
Code                    Effect
8011A644 0000 Have Deku Stick
8011A65C 0009 Infinite Deku Sticks
8011A645 0001 Have Deku Nut
8011A65D 0009 Infinite Deku Nuts
8011A646 0002 Have Bombs
8011A65E 0009 Infinite Bombs
8011A647 0003 Have FairyBow
8011A65F 0009 Infinite Arrows
8011A64A 0006 Have Fairy Slingshot
8011A662 0009 Infinite Slingshot Ammo
8011A64C 0009 Have Bombchu
8011A664 0009 Infinite Bombchu's
8011A648 0004 Have Fire Arrow (MP2)
8011A64E 000C Have Ice Arrow (MP2)
8011A654 0012 Have Light Arrow (MP4)
D01C84B5 0020 L Button For Moon Jump
811DAA90 40CB
D01C84B5 0030 Hover Boots Last While Holding L & R Buttons
811DB2B2 000D
8011A699 0009 Infinite Small Keys
8011A678 0007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map
8011A64B 0008 Have Ocarina of Time
8011A649 0005 Have Din's Fire (MP6)
8011A64F 000D Have Fairie's Wind (MP6)
8011A655 0013 Have Nayru's Love (MP12)
D011A609 0008 Infinite Magic
8011A60A 0001
8011A60C 0001
8011A603 0060
8111A600 0140 Infinite Energy
8111A5FE 0140 Max Heart
8011A6A1 00FF Skulltulas Killed
8111A66C 7777 All Equipment
8111A674 30FF All Quest/Status Items
8111A676 FFFF
US Version 1.1  
                                                following 15 codes are NEW
                                                        Thanks to GSCCC
Code                   Effect
8011A804 0000 Have Deku Stick
8011A81C 0009 Infinite Deku Sticks
8011A805 0001 Have Deku Nut
8011A81D 0009 Infinite Deku Nuts
8011A806 0002 Have Bombs
8011A81E 0009 Infinite Bombs
8011A807 0003 Have Fairy
Bow8011A81F 0009 Infinite Arrows
8011A80A 0006 Have Fairy Slingshot
8011A822 0009 Infinite Slingshot Ammo
8011A80C 0009 Have Bombchu
8011A824 0009 Infinite Bombchu's
8011A808 0004 Have Fire Arrow (MP2)
8011A80E 000C Have Ice Arrow (MP2)
8011A814 0012 Have Light Arrow (MP4)
D01C8675 0020 L Button For Moon Jump
811DAC50 40CB
D01C8675 0030 Hover Boots Last While Holding L & R Buttons
811DB472 000D
8011A859 0009 Infinite Small Keys
8011A838 0007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map
8011A80B 0008 Have Ocarina of Time
8011A809 0005 Have Din's Fire (MP6)
8011A80F 000D Have Fairie's Wind (MP6)
8011A815 0013 Have Nayru's Love (MP12)
D011A7C9 0008 Infinite Magic
8011A7CA 0001
8011A7CC 0001
8011A7C3 0060
8111A7C0 0140 Infinite Energy
8111A7BE 0140 Max Heart
8011A861 00FF Skulltulas Killed
8111A82C 7777 All Equipment
8111A834 30FF All Quest/Status Items
8111A836 FFFF