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Turning into a teenager is a momentous time in a young persons life.  For the parents, as well as the teens.  I
have a twelve year old daughter on the verge of becoming a teen.  At times it can be very stressful.  One moment
she wants a hug, the next minute if I gave her a hug or a kiss on the cheek, she'd shriek, "Mom, I'm not a baby.  I'm
almost a TEEN!"

That's the biggest reason I started "Just Turned Teen."  So I can hopefully get pass the problems with laughs
instead of turning grey early.  Oops!  I think that is a grey hair on the keyboard!!  Oh no... it's just the cats hair.

Anyway,  I hope you enjoy "Just Turned Teen"  and I hope we all survive it!!

Melissa Malisia

Mandi had just turned the BIG thirteen, which makes her an official teenager.
It's a big turning point in her life going from twelve to thirTEEN.

Ray is her annoying 8 year old brother.  He's always getting on her nerves.
And what makes it worse is that her friends think he's just a cute little boy.

More to come...