Lovespell: Tristan and Isolt

Tristan and Isolt is a famous medieval love-romance based on a Celtic legend. There are many adaptations of this legend and some of them even draw connections between the characters of Tristan and Isolt with the legends of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot.

Nowadays the legend is known because of Richard Wagner's opera Tristan und Isolde ( first performed 1865 ) which was
inspired by the german poem of Gottfried von Strassburg.

And it's of course known because of this wonderful film! ;-)
Mark, King of Cornwall, visits Ireland to talk with King Anguish of Ireland about a compensation for what plunderers from Ireland have taken from the people of Cornwall.
At his visit he also meets Isolt, the daughter of King Anguish, and falls in love with the beautiful, blithely and much younger woman.
Back in Cornwall, Mark decides to send Tristan, his nephew, to ask for the hand of the princess Isolt and to heal Tristans wound, because Isolt is a skilled healer. Isolt heals his wound and they both fall in love.
Tristan takes Isolt home to Cornwall where she marries King Mark. But Tristan and Isolt continue to meet in secret and Isolt drinks a love-potion, that was intended for her and Mark, with Tristan. This Lovespell was made to bound lovers together through live past death.
Of course King Mark will soon discover the love between Tristan and Isolt.....

Kate Mulgrew was only 24 years old when she played the character of Isolt and she did a great job! It's wonderful to see what a great actress she is, even at this young age.
Directed by:
Tom Donovan

Richard Burton - King Mark
Nicholas Clay - Tristan
Kate Mulgrew - Isolt

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