* In the book Georgia Confederate Soldiers  Vol. III   published by Broadfoot Publishing Co., it states the Battle of Ezra Church among the battles the 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters participated in. In my continuing efforts to research this unit, I have found no evidence to prove that they were there. After Gen. Walker's death on July 22, 1864, Jackson's brigade was re-assigned to Bate's Division and they were not at the Battle of Ezra Church. However, the publishers made another mistake in failing to mention the participation of the unit at the battle of Utoy Creek. In this battle Bate's Division held the center. According to the map in Scaife's book, "Campaign for Atlanta", Jackson's brigade (which included the Sharpshooters) held a line astride present day Willis Mill Rd. In my efforts to provide an accurate account of the 1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, I have deleted the Battle of Ezra Church and included the Battle of Utoy Creek.

If anyone has evidence to prove otherwise please feel free to contact me.