To The Manner Born -The Life of Gen. W.H.T. Walker                                              Author: Russell K. Brown

To The Manner Born- The life of General William H. T. Walker  by Russell K. Brown. This little known book is undoubtedly the best I have ever read concerning Walker's Division and the Sharpshooters.  The book includes photo's as well as maps drawn by William R. Scaife. If you are doing any kind of research on units in Walker's Division, this book is a must. These books can be purchased directly from Russell Brown for $25.00 + $5.00 shipping. Thats half price! You can e-mail Russell at or by mail at Russell K. Brown 801 Thaxton Rd. Grovetown, Ga. 30813

Brief History Of the 30th Georgia Regiment                                                                 Author:  A.P. Adamson

Sojourns of a Patriot                                                                                                   Author: Richard Bender Abell & Fay Adamson Gecik

States Rights Gist A South Carolina General of the Civil War                                       Author:  Walter Brian Cisco

Enlisted for the War                                                                               Author:  Eugene W. Jones Jr.

The Battle Of Jackson/ The Siege Of Jackson/ Three Other Post-Vicksburg Actions    Author:  Edwin C. Bearss

Echoes Of Battle: The Struggle for Chattanooga                                                           Author: Richard A. Baumgartner & Larry Strayer

The Battle Of Resaca                                                                                                   Author:  Philip L. Secrist

Georgia Confederate Soldiers  Vol. III                                                                          Publisher : Broadfoot Publishing Co.

South Carolina and Georgia                                                                                          Author: Stewart Sifakis

Four Years On The Firing Line                                                                                     Author: James Cooper Nisbet

Generals In Gray                                                                                                          Author: Ezra J. Warner

All information on this site was gathered from these sources and the Official Records