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New UPDATE: MY SITE Geocities is closing and until I find a better system for now, many of my links will be leading to no where.  they will however return and hopefully with a better and new look.  So please be patient as I continue to look for an alternative website host.  This may take up to early next year.  But this Tripod access will remain open.  Hugs!  Karen
Welcome to my fan site! Hi! I just adore the classic tv shows of the past as well as classic movies like Lord of the Rings. Enjoy the pictures! These are all from my own personal collection scanned from my own computer. I don't mind sharing but please give credit if you take them and use them on another website.  Thanks! Don't forget to sign my guest book before you leave!



A Tribute To Christopher George

Lord of the Rings Photo Gallery


Daniel Radcliffe

I will be adding more tv shows and Actor's. Forever Knight, CSI Vegas, Harry Potter, David Janssen, Dominic Monaghan, and other LOTR Actor's, Buffy The Vampire slayer, Josh Hartnett, Supernatural, and much much more!


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No copy right infringements intended if you find a photo offensive or wished removed please email me privately. Also if you would like to add your url to my website links page feel free to email me and I will add you on. Email me at k_poitras@yahoo.com