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BOND ISM Ear Warmer

For the ear warmers I have two versions (in both cases measure the victims head and knit the strip that long)

One color (using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in "wood") CO 36 sts and knit to desired length, Bind off, remove the hem, fold in half length wise and join three sides. Join the two short sides of the strip forming a ring. I guess that from reading posts on the bond list some of this can be done while the piece is still on the machine, just bring your hem up, join the stitches to the ones on the bed, knit and then bind off, the only seaming left is the two short sides and then joining the ring. I haven't tried this yet but you may need a specific CO method to do this.

Two color (using Lion Brand "wood" or an acrylic camouflage color I found at Hobby Lobby and Blaze Orange). Knit two separate strips on the bond that are the same length (I measured each victims head with a tape measure to get the length and added an extra inch for the seam and so it wouldn't be too tight) but I CO 4 extra sts of the Camo than I did the Blaze Orange (for instance CO 20 Camo sts and 16 Blaze Orange sts) Then I laid the two strips on top of each other and seamed all the way around and joined the two ends so the Camo covered all the Blaze Orange, for the water fowl seasons they didn't want any orange showing but it's okay to have the camo border on the orange side. I guess I could have made this easier by turning the work and knitting more needles, this would then equal the width of the head, then knit about 4 inches of Camo and 3.5 inches of Blaze Orange. Maybe I'll try the next one that way.

Check back soon, I'll be posting pictures of this item


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