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What is Autism
From Mummy to Me


Ok where do we start?........I HAVE AUTISM!

Don't worry you cant catch it, and if you have it well then your a very special person indeed!

You can run around flapping like a bird, screaming , temper tantrums you name it you can do it. And if anyone says anything you just tell them" Hey I have Autism ok, get a life"

Talking about life. I see life in a different way The smallest detail like  flowers, the way the petals move, or the rain when its running down a window (or water over mums bathroom floor) Ahem. I love the different sounds there are in life that no one normally hears or bothers to hear. So Yup I am pretty lucky because I get far more out of living than any everyday person.

If you want to find out more on Autism just follow the link on Links and info.

So while you are here, have a look around and if in anyway any information on here helps you then that's fab!

You take care, and mum will try and keep this page updated on my development for my family and friends to log on and see for themselves.

Bye for now

xx AIDOAN xx