Baju Kurung




This type of clothing is the most famous among Malays.It is more likely to people because it covers the whole body except for the palms and the face which is considered the people too be polite.Nowadays, baju kurung can be found in different styles. These clothes are being tailored so that it satisfies the person wearing it. Among the baju kurung that have been tailored are "baju kurung labuh", "baju kurung moden", "baju kurung cekak", "baju kurung Kedah" and etc.Sometimes, baju kurung is being matched with a "tudung" (scarf) that has the same colour as the baju kurung.The Baju kurung can be worn in any situation. At school level, baju kurung is made as the school uniform for the Islam pupils. Baju kurung can also be worn during wedding ceremonies, Hari Raya and other big occasions.baju kurung can also be worn with cloth of a different colour or style. Baju kurung too can be matched with "kain songket", "batik" or even "pelikat".

Baju Kebaya




Baju kebaya is also one of the clothes that is liked by the Malay community especially during the year of the 1960s. Baju kebaya is usually being tailored according to the vital statistics of the person wearing it.The Baju kebaya is usually matched with "kain songket" or "batik". In the olden days, it is normally a bit more tight and short but nowadays, these clothes are bigger and need not follow the body shape of the person wearing it.




Baju Kebarung




Baju kebarung is the combination of the baju kebaya and the baju kurung. Baju kebarung is like the kebaya. It is big like baju kurung, which is why it is called baju kebarung baju kebarung is the combination of the baju kebaya and the baju kurung. The Baju kebarung is actually not one of the traditional clothes of the Malay community but it is being produced presently to satisfy the Malay community.




Baju Melayu




Baju Melayu is one of the clothes worn by the men of the Malay community. Similar to the baju kurung and the kebaya, it is still worn by men especially on Fridays, for the Friday prayers. I it also worn for wedding ceremonies and other occasions.During the olden days, baju Melayu consists of only one colour but now, baju Melayu have lots of interesting designs. Some baju Melayu have squared designs, "batik" and more. It is worn with a "songkok", "samping" or "tengkolok". Some even try to match the colour of the baju Melayu with the same colour for as the "songkok" and "samping".Other than being matched with the "seluar"(trousers), the baju Melayu can also be worn with "kain pelikat". .