This is a small list of babtism and burial records that I hope to add to soon, please check back.


Bjorgum, Odelia, D.O.B, March 9, 1915. Baptised, Nov.7, 1915. Parents- Ole and Marie. Witnessed by Martin Bjorgum.

Christenson, Clifford Leonard, D.O.B,Oct. 20, 1915. Baptised, Mar.5, 1916. Parents- Win and Mathilda. Witnesses, W. Simonson and T. Rogness.

Simonson, Delia Valide, D.O.B, Dec.22, 1915. Baptised, Mar.5, 1916. Parents- W. and Marie. Witnesses, H. P. Simonson and W. Christenson.

Kortsman, Paul C., D.O.B, Oct. 16, 1915. Baptised Mar.5, 1916. Parents- Charley and Christine. Witnesses, T. Teiglu, Miss Blakart and Ole Aasen.

Nomeland, Halvor Torvald, D.O.B, Mar.30, 1916. Baptised Oct.29, 1916. Parents- Sam and Julia. Witnesses, Peter Welch, Lossie Ovelson and Hannah Simonson.

Osness, Mildred Bernice, D.O.B, Nov. 13, 1916. Baptised Dec. 25, 1916. Parents- Victor and Lilly. Witnesses, W.W Osness, Alvin Halgren and Knut Neset.

Solbi(?) , Elmer Olai, D.O.B, Aug.13, 1916. Baptised Dec. 25, 1916. Parents- Emil and Ida. Witnesses, Hilberg Skogness, and Willie Simonson.

Bjorgum, Orvin Norman, D.O.B, Jan. 15, 1917. Baptised Mar.4, 1917. Parents- Martin and Tillie. Witnesses, Ole Bjorgum and W. Osness.

Bjorgum, Willi, D.O.B, Mar. 27, 1917. Baptised Apr. 22, 1917. Parents Ole and Marie. Witnesses, Martin Bjorgum, Miss Clara Hovelson, and Christ Bolseng.

Simonson, Henry Peter, D.O.B, Oct.30, 1916. Baptised Apr.22, 1917. Parents- Henry and Petra. Witnesses, Willie Simonson and Alfred Thompson.

Skogness, Edna Olivia, D.O.B, Apr. 5, 1917. Baptised July 8, 1917. Parents- Carl and Hilda. Witness, Peder Skraunstad.

Horte, Evelyn Lillian, D.O.B, July 17,1917. Baptised Sept. 23, 1917. Parents- Thor and Marit. Witnesses, John Leobakmoe and John Nes.

Stemo, Delia Geneva, D.O.B, July 29, 1917. Baptised Oct. 14, 1917. Parents Ole and Gjertrude Pederson Stemo. Witnesses, A.Bartness and H. Jensen.

Christenson, Vineola May, D.O.B, Aug. 7, 1917. Baptised Nov. 25 , 1917. Parents- W. and Tilda. Witnesses, W. Osness, Georgianna Hendrikson and Lewis Anderson.

Spelrem, Alfred Marvin, D.O.B, Aug 17, 1917. Baptised Nov.25, 1917. Parents- Egiel and Laura. Witnesses, Autou Bartness, Albin Anderson, Martha Anderson and Nora Rud.

Thompson, Dorphy Rosie, D.O.B, Nov.21, 1917. Baptised Jan.20, 1918. Parents- Alfred and Gureda. Witnesses, Einar and Hans Haugland.

Simonson, Harold Daniel, D.O.B, Dec.31, 1917. Baptised Mar.31, 1918. Parents William and Tilda. Witnesses, William Christensen and W. Osness.

Osness, Margrete Genevive, D.O.B, Nov.4, 1918. Baptised Feb. 16, 1919. Parents- W. and Martha. Witnesses, Martin Bjorgum and Victor Osness.

Osness, Gladys Evelyn, D.O.B, Apr.9, 1918. Baptised May.19, 1918. Parents- Victor and Lilly. Witnesses, Martin Bjorgum and Tom Laurie.

Bjorgum, Merlin T., D.O.B, Mar.11, 1919. Baptised June 8, 1919. Parents- Martin and Tillie. Witnesses, K.K Lyseng and Ole Fredrickson.

Christenson, Raymond Alexander, D.O.B, Apr.6, 1919. Baptised June 8, 1919. Parents- W. and Tilda. Witness, W.W. Osness.


Thompson, Mabel., Died -Oct.19, 1918 at age 18 in Kingman.

Thompson, Alfred., Died -Oct. 21, 1918 at age 25 in Kingman.

Thorseon, Theo., Died -Oct. 22, 1918 at age 21 in Kingman.

Thompson, Theo., Died -Nov. 1, 1918 at age 32 in Kingman.

Thompson, John., Died -Jan. 1919 at age 26 in Kingman.

Molvik, Norman., Died -Feb. 7, 1928 at three years old.

Ovelson, Anna F., Died -Aug. 23, 1928 at age 81 in Kingman. Born in Norway.

Woldim, John S., Died -Oct.25, 1928 at age 69 in Kingman, born in Norway.

Lialeo, Olaus Olson., Died -Mar.1, 1929 at age 75 in Kingman, born in Norway.

Sandbo, Johanus K., Died -Aug.25, 1930 at age 73 in Edmonton, born in Norway.

Heie, Mrs S.M., Died -Mar.31, 1933 at age 53 in Kingman, born in Flan Hollingdel, Norway.

Thompson, Julia Marie., Died -Mar.30, 1933 at age 54 in Kingman, born in Kristiana, Norway.

Lawry, Tom., Died -Aug.3, 1933 at age 59 in Kingman, born in Bergen, Norway.

Christenson, Garry Alfred., Died -July 14, in Camrose at 5 days old, born in Camrose.

Skoglund, Arne Milo., Died -Aug.11, 1946 at age 6 in Kingman.

Lowry, Mrs Tom., Died -Jan.30, 1948 at age 75 in Bawlf, born in Kingman.

Vance, Mr. K., Died -Dec. 18, 1948 in Camrose.

Gunderson, Eddie., Died -Jan. 23, 1954 at age 56 in Edmonton.

Ovelson, Ovel., Died -Feb.21, 1954 at age 79 in Kingman, born in Telemarken, Norway.

Cuthbert, Robert., Died -Feb. 27, 1954 at age 83 in Camrose, born in Ontario.

Holte, John., Died -Aug.4, 1964.

Hanson, Gustav Anders., Died -Mar.4, 1965at age 70 in Camrose, born in Sweden.

Ovelson, Olaus., Died -June 8, 1965 at age 71 in Camrose, born in Minnesota.

Simonson, Oscar., Died -Dec.30, 1968 at age 82 in Tofield, born in Minnesota.

Gibson, Mrs Grace., Died -Aug 4, 1969 at age 71 in Kingman, born in Ontario.

Christenson, Mrs William., Died -May 6, 1969 at age 77.

Nomeland, Julia., Died -Nov.7, 1969 at age 84, born in Norway.

Davis, Fredrick S., Died -Aug. 24, 1970 at age 78, burial in Edmonton.

Osness, Torkel Elias., Died -Sept. 24, 1971 at age 67 in Edmonton, born in Iowa.

Erga, Louis., Died -Aug. 14, 1971 at age 69 in Camrose, born in North Dakota.

Undin, Alma., Died -Apr. 9, 1972 at age 69 in Tofield , born in Bardo.

Davis, Mrs Wildie., Died -Nov. 7, 1972 at age 72.

Wilson, Amanda., Died -July 4 1972 at age 88.

Some of these old records are very hard to read, if you see a mistake please e-mail and let me know.