by Ddraglais

Please remember, Photography is not a talent Eric professes.

These images are originals created using different styles, and programs.
Everything from Computer generated scenes, to logos and web content.
A few oil paintings may have snuck in here or there...

Geo Mountain
This was a project concept given by the SOAA  This "Mandala" was created by Ddraglais using several different Corel applications.
This is just an interesting mountain
I was playing with using Brice.

Just an after life sort of inspiration.
It's amazing what you can accomplish with the right computer programs, and 15 minutes of spare time.

Here are some web images and logos

Alive Web Designs
Alive Web Designs
This was one of several logo designs produced for... Alive Web Designs
These first few images were completed, not for the clients final approval, but as tester images to establish their tastes
Concept 1
Concept 2

Alive Web Designs
Alive Web Designs
Another image using the full company name.
Now utilizing different colors to match the web content of the site.
Concept 1-2
Concept 1-3

Alive Web Designs
Alive Web Designs
After several discussions, a more "Alive" feeling was implemented.

This changed the complete feeling of the web site logo/letter head.
Subtle change in text color to make it "pop".

This was my favorite.
Concept 3
Concept 3-1

An image I rendered for THE
Pitch Shifter fan site
Concept 1
Concept 2

Long Family Site
Long Family Site
This was the family site I produced...
for my family.  It was cannibalized for what you're viewing now.
The first incarnation of the same site.

Please contact Ddraglais for further details on computer rendered images, or your comments.

More computer rendered images will appear as time permits the creation of new material.


Created by
DDraglais Creative Studios