Welcome to the creative domain of Eric Long, the artistic obsessive compulsive talent behind Ddraglais.  Best viewed at 1024x768 resolution.

Eric's work spans from masks and sculptures to modern oil paintings and computer rendered originals.
All images are one of a kind and never duplicated, including computer rendered images and masks.
He has been involved with the art world since birth, creating 2D and 3D images using most mediums.
For a short period he taught an enrichment program in the Warren school district and although he has much experience in the art world, his professional artistic career is just beginning.

Recently Eric has undergone a dramatic change in artistic style, from mainly 2 dimensional imagery to
mostly small and instillation type sculptures.  Mask making is the newest addition to his pallet thanks to Nina Barlow, a great mask maker, instructor, and friend - and the South Oakland Artists Association.

Also, if you would like to be notified when new projects have been completed, please e-mail Ddraglais.

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Any photographers in Michigan that see my material... HELP!  I need some good images for this site.
Contact me at Ddraglais_art@Yahoo.com I need serious help in this area... obviously.

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