by Ddraglais

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Again, any mask commissioned, or purchased directly from this site is guaranteed. Any damage to the mask will be repaired free of charge... that's how confident Ddraglais is of the quality and durability of this material.

(Crushing by vehicle or large pachyderm not guaranteed)

Big Bad 
While looking through art chat rooms this one hit me.
An eager artist was attempting to find a nude model, desperately.

It even has a shinny nose.
This started as something completely different, but it went another direction.

The image say it all.

Mr. Big Nose
I made this mask with my 3 yr. old son.
He wanted the nose bigger, and bigger, and bigger... this is the result.
He picked out the colors too...

The hair is yarn embedded into the mask top, we went with a shrunken head look, it hangs on his wall this way.

Created by
DDraglais Creative Studios