by Ddraglais

Please remember, Photography is not a talent Eric professes.

All the following work is made from Celuclay, or paper pulp.  The nature of this material is very unusual.
It works like a pasty clay, but dries as hard as wood, but is much lighter.

The masks below average in weight between 2 and 4 lb. making them very agreeable to wear or hang on the wall.

Any mask commissioned, or purchased directly from this site is guaranteed. Any damage to the mask will be repaired free of charge... that's how confident Ddraglais is of the quality and durability of this material.

(Crushing by vehicle or large pachyderm not guaranteed)

The Critic 
Dead Beard The Pirate
Buggin" Me
This mask was inspired by a piece pulled from a show in Michigan.

This is the first mask made by Eric.
This was a fun mask to make!
It's not a wearable mask, unless you'd rather not breathe or see.

The eyeball has that "wet" look, and the whiskers are imbedded into the mask.
This is my favorite right now... 2/15/02
I started fooling around with embedding things with this mask, as you can tell.

The mirrored sunglass lenses are tinted just enough to give adaquate viewing in low light, and keep a solid mirror.  

Tribal Mojo
Latte The Clown
This cat mask was the first in a series Ddraglais produced for sale on eBay... yeah, I know...
This is a favorite!  The finish of this piece has a wooden look to it.
The leather hangs forward while hanging on a wall.
Not exactly an "Evil" clown, but he sure has a way about him.  The Caffeine stained teeth and glossy red nose make this one, I think.

More masks!  I'm addicted to making them... check out the next couple on the following page!

More Masks

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