by Ddraglais

Not Photography!  Sculpture... the images are lacking.

These pieces are all one of a kind and represent different ideas and states of
mind on several different topics.

Natural Selection
Self Motivation
X Marks Enlightenment
This is a piece on the endangered species of bat in Michigan.
The Indiana bat is being driven from its home of barns, orchards,
and subdivisions.
Ignorance is the reason.

Wood frame bearing leather wings.
Painted with oils.

Wing span 16"
Height 16 1/2"

It's a statement on the difficulties an artist has to produce.  An issue every artist runs into at one time or another.

Apparently people don't read the title on pieces.
This represents enlightenment  as a destination... a treasure to be found.  The search is fruitless, but it's the journey that enlightens.

Wooden frame built using large sticks.
Cotton cloth stained.
Image created using colored pencil, oils, coffee grounds, & fire.

Wooden frame 25" square.
Cloth supported by strings.
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Created by
DDraglais Creative Studios