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Yes, finally, a story!!

Secrets by Carla (email the author)
Rating: PG-15 (language, adult content)
Summary: Carla and her friends are being bothered/stalked by an obsessed fan. Can the Backstreet Boys protect her? A very well-written story for older readers. Focuses mostly on Nick, who just happens to be Carla's ex-boyfriend.
Form: Novel
Status: Unfinished (up to Chapter 1)
Last Updated: 12/19/99

I'm not picky...just send your story to me at and I will host it right here, right now! But there are just three little things I ask of you:

*I ask that you try to keep your stories clean. Please, nothing more than a PG-15. No explicit sex or violence or anything. I'm not one of those crazy self-righteous WWTT? people (at least, not anymore...) or anything, and it's not that I can't personally handle it. But I mean, little kids read some of this stuff. I don't want my site to warp their fragile little minds.
*I ask that you send me your story in an attachment (it's not as much of a pain in the butt as you may think) makes my life easier. If you know the HTML code, please send me your story with all the code already in there; if you don't, that's OK too.
*I ask that if you want me to host a novel-style story, please try to update it at least once a month. Otherwise, I may have to delete it. Sorry, but it's kind of inconsiderate to send me a couple of chapters and then just forget about it. It's not nice to leave me or the readers hanging like least, not in this case.