Click Below!, To see and read this info.!!!
If you've waited at least 20 minutes and the videos haven't
started playing, then follow the advice below.

Your sound device or video device, such as a sound card or video card
or sound controller or video controller, requires an updated driver. To determine if an
updated driver is available, see Windows Update at the Microsoft
Website or see the sound device manufacturer's Website.
Microsoft Update
Please! read this if your videos aren't playing, if needed:
If the videos are not playing, you may need to troubleshoot
and get additional software you need in order to do so.
"Click" On:
the Fix It Guy with the wrench and
the Windows Media Player option and under problem area
(All Windows Media Player Problem Areas). Then
"Click" On:
the first problem "Run Now": Codec Crashes.
You can try the other "Run" options as well if you want to.
Go To:
Microsoft Fix it Solution Center troubleshooting software issues
You can also go to this website and type in the question bar:
(Video won't play):
and it will come up with a number of different fixes you can try such as:
(downloading the codecs you need to play DVDs and files in a variety of formats etc...)
Go To:
Windows Media Player frequently asked questions
You can also try this page to Troubleshoot.
Go To:
Microsoft Windows Media - Web Help
To check the status of your sound device,
do one of the following:
Do a Search in Google and type in:
How To check the status of your sound device..
And It should come up with instructions on how to do so that you can follow.
If you have yellow question marks on any device driver then that means that
you're missing something etc.. Please consult someone who can help you with this
if you are not understanding what I'm saying or get a software and hardware
warranty from Dell Computers or the Geek Squad or something else.
Some are open 24hrs. a day and support can be bought right over the phone!.
The number for Dell Computers is:
Customer Care: 1-(800) 624-9897.
Home My Account Site Help Call: 1-800-GeekSquad / 1-800-433-5778
A lot of this, the video players and videos are using top-notch software etc., and
you have to have everything up to the cutting edge par in order for these videos to
work on your computer. Thanks and enjoy the movies!!!

More Info. to Help You Guys.
It is possible for some of my videos to work on these 42 pages!!! and for others to not work because
different videos are possible made differently with different settings
requiring different things, but all the videos do work, you just might be missing something if they don't work.
I get my videos from all over the place. So don't feel weird if you have to trouble shoot for each
different movie as this would be normal. Hopefully it wouldn't be to outrageous for you.
And then sometimes jealous people attack my websites and different things on them making my videos, music
and data not work properly until I find such things and correct them.
If anything eludes me, if you guys could alert me to it, I would be grateful for it.
Here's some more info to help you guys with my videos as I find these things work.
If you left "click" the start button at the bottom left hand corner then "click" on run and in the prompt
command and type in services.msc and press enter, a box
will open up with different information in it.
You can enable or disable different things inside the box.
Look for Windows Media Player and select it.
If the service is stopped you can restart Windows Media Player by "clicking" on start service option.
It would need to be enabled for things and the videos to work properly. Then close that box.
Then "click" the start button again and click on run and type in the command prompt, msconfig.
This will open up a different box.
"Click" on the Start up tab and look for Windows Media Player. If you see it put a check mark inside the box to enable it.
If you don’t see it in their I wouldn't worry about it.
Then "click" on the Services tab and look for Windows Media Player as well.
If there is not a check mark in the box next to it go ahead and check mark it.
Then be sure to "click" apply on the bottom tab or the settings won't be saved.
Then another box will open
up saying to restart the computer now or later, "click" on later.
Then when it's convenient for you, you can restart the computer later on.
Then you know that that much is done for you in addition to the other things.
If you have people working on your computer directly or remotely you probably will have have to go through
all the steps again and set all the setting back right in order for my videos to work for you guys.
The trouble shooting and the Wrench Guy and everything.!!!
I'll be back soon with more info to help you guys.
Also you can do a Google search to get a more thorough explanation of what I just was describing here..
Here's another "tidbit" for you guys. In Windows Media Player on the
"menu bar" under "tools" select "options" then under the "Player" tab make sure "Download codecs automatically"
is "checked" and "Connect to the internet (overrides other commands)" is checked. Then click apply
if you changed anything, or it won't be saved if don't. Then click on "OK."
You can get to this area by double clicking on the Windows Media Player icon or by opening a song or
movie with Windows Media Player.

Newly Updated!!.
Check This Out!!. You may have to download
Divx Plus Software in order to see these movies
and not just hear sound but have no picture, as I'm sure
you guys want. Thanks. L.V.J.
For your Fun! and edification!!.
DivX Plus Software!!!.

DivX Plus Software!!!

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JavaScript Kit

Newly Updated!!.

Check This Out!!. You have to Delete your Browsing History ,but not on exit, so that these Videos will work; Like the Video opens up and says it's connecting, but it never connects; If you do what I'm about to tell you then the Videos will actually start playing and not just say connecting but never connect.

Here as follows:
Go to the Tools Menu, and then go-to Internet Options, and then under the General Tab Click Delete, but Don't check the box to delete on exit; Very Important!!!.

Then select the 1st four options as depicted in the image below!!!, and then hit delete. Then you have to wait for it to start deleting. This will take some time.

Then close the delete box. Then copy the address of the webpage that the video is playing on. Then Go-To your home page like when you first open up Internet Explorer. Then paste the Website Address back into the address bar that the video is playing on back into the address bar and let the page load. Then re-attempt the play the movies. Then they should work as I'm sure you guys want. Thanks. L.V.J.
For your Fun! and edification!!.
Delete Browsing History!!!.

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**   Newly Updated!!.   **

Check This Out!!.
Here is some more info. to help you guys out with trying to play my videos; As I know they can be somewhat difficult to play if you don't know what to do in order to get them to work. It is good if you have this software installed on your computer:
Revo Uninstaller Pro
It is good because the regular Uninstaller in the Control Panel sometimes isn't good enough; You need Revo Uninstaller Pro because it removes all the left over remnants of softwares etc. Sometimes Softwares can become corrupt ect. and no longer work properly ect. So you use the Revo Software to remove it.
You have to have this Software on your computer or Software similar to it because you will always be having softwares going bad that will need to be uninstalled completely and re-installed for the Software to work properly. How to use it:
When the Software is opened up, Click on the Forced Uninstall button at the top of the software. Then either type in the name of the software, or do a browse to the Softwares file or folder path. Then when you have that done, click the next button. Then just follow the prompts and hit next again as it starts to remove the not working right software. Then you wait for the software to do its thing. Then when the Scan button Highlights and is not grayed out, click the scan button. Then wait. Then it will want you to select all the items to delete them. Then when their all selected hit the delete button. Then click on Forced uninstall again and this time do a path search on the C: drive; Then in Program Files and find the software to see if it is still in there. If it is then select the data file, you only have to select one because it will do a query and all of them will get deleted. Then just follow the prompts as before to get rid of all the excess corrupted data. Then close the software. Then you have to "restart" the computer, and then re-install a fresh copy of the software. You'll find that after doing all of that that everything will just work better and the errors will be gone and the software will work correctly as it should. Sometimes Revo Uninstaller Pro its self can become corrupt, so you have to use it on its self; Just follow the same procedures as before.
Then you will need Microsoft Fix it Center Online (Beta Version) and, or, Microsoft Fix it Solution Center troubleshooting software issues.

Microsoft Fix it Center Online (Beta Version) is better than the regular Microsoft Fix it Center Online because it personalizes the software to your own unique computer and the particular issues that your computer is having. It automatically recommends the "Fix it" Solutions for your computer. Whereas the regular "Fix It Center" isn't personalized. If you have a very old computer, you might not be able to use the "Beta Version" because it's for newer computers. You'll just have to use the regular "Microsoft Fix It Center" if you can't get the Beta Version to work. And, you'll have to do more searches to find the different fixes that you need in order for your computer to work right and get fixed. Whereas the "Beta Version" automatically knows which fixes your computer needs and will have those fixes available? So, you go to the "Fix It Center" (Beta Version) website and install it on your computer if you can get it to work. Then just follow the instructions in order to do it correctly. Sometimes you have to use Revo Uninstaller Pro on "Fix It Center" if it is not working correctly. After installing the "Beta Version" of Fix It Center you have to hit the install button in order to install each fix. If it gets to the point to where you hit the install button for a particular fix, and it doesn't install then you know that the "Fix It Center" has become corrupt, and you have to use Revo Uninstaller Pro to uninstall it and install a fresh copy of the Fix It Center. The main fixes you will want to be using when trying to play my videos are the, if you’re using the old "Fix It Center" then "Click" on the "Windows Media Player" Button and "Run" all of those fixes. If you’re using the (Beta Version) of "Fix It Center" then "Run" these "Fixes":

Codec Crashes

Windows Media Player Troubleshooter

Windows Photo and Slideshow Troubleshooter

Also, feel free to "Run" all the other Troubleshooters as well as this will only enhance your computer using experience and make your computer run better. You almost have to do whatever the troubleshooters want you to do, for example, disabling something, or whatever, or the fix will not fix properly and you will still have the problem. Please keep this in mind.
Go Here:
Go To:

Microsoft Fix it Solution Center troubleshooting software issues

Or, You Can Go Here:
Go To:

Microsoft Fix it Center Online (Beta Version)

Thanks. L.V.J.
For your Fun! and edification!!.

Revo Uninstaller Pro!!!.

Microsoft Fix it Center Online

Microsoft Fix it Center Online (Beta Version)

Revo Uninstaller Pro!!!

Microsoft Fix it Center Online!!!

Microsoft Fix it Center Online (Beta Version)!!!

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Newly Updated!!.

Check This Out!!. You may have to download
Perfect Uninstaller as well as Revo Uninstaller Pro if you've used up your free 30-Day Trail with the Revo Software and still can't afford to buy it yet because Perfect Uninstaller works similar to the Revo Software as described above, and it also comes with a free 30-Day Trail; Just to give you guys more time to get money saved up so you can be able to eventually buy the software or softwares as I'm sure
you guys want. Thanks. L.V.J.

For your Fun! and edification!!.


Perfect Uninstaller!!!.

Perfect Uninstaller!!!

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