As well as releasing the works of Dave & Rob the Land of Yrx Products label also released four compilation cassettes and albums by four other acts.

basl11.jpg (15608 bytes) Someone Else's Problem
BASL11 - C60 - May 1983

The first compilation we did, and the first outing of The Land of Yrx on cassette.  Features all the people we were working with at the time.

  • Half Can - The Land of Yrx
  • Elsa Is Independent - Uncle Ian
  • Tonka Boys
  • Arctic Roll
  • Insectivore
  • Henry Meets The Aliens
  • Redundancy
  • Goodnight Goliath - Jellyfish on Vacation
  • Grey March
  • Chant
  • Purple Dream
  • Life Act - Creatures Of Habit


basl21.jpg (19867 bytes) Now That's What I Call A Dithyrambic Conflux!
BASL21 - C60 - May 1984

The second, and far more varied compilation.  As well as roping in our mates and recording something ourselves we wrote to a few acts that we liked on the cassette scene, and got some interesting responses.

  • The Hebrew - Creatures Of Habit
  • Chameleon In The Post - Jellyfish On Vacation
  • Safehouse - Uncle Ian & IG Farben
  • SOW2 - Sea Of Wires
  • Echowelt - Alto Stratus
  • Interlude - Rob Andrews
  • Matty Groves - Dave Morreale
  • She's So Alien - Industry
  • Assemblage - Alto Stratus
  • Bhinga Ahwal Chashm - 3 Boxes Strike Back!
  • Elektron - Mark Jenkins
  • Beschneidener Erich - The Land Of Yrx
  • The Scream - Andy Pinches


basl27.jpg (11865 bytes) The Cantilevers Of Passion
BASL27 - C60 - Unreleased

We decided to do another compilation in 1986, partly to use up interesting but non-album tracks we'd got from our collaborators, and partly because we wanted to.  Unfortunately tensions within the band meant that this compilation never saw the light of day, except for the contributors edition.

  • The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle - Kevin O'Neill
  • Biomechanic - Alto Stratus
  • In The Shade - Rob Andrews
  • Extract From "Phillip Glass, With Sequencers" - Dave Gate
  • Revision - 3 Boxes Return
  • The Ghost Of Hildegaarde Coccyx - Rancid Poultry
  • Extract From "Mystery X" - Mystery Hearsay
  • Venice 1959 - The Land Of Yrx
  • boinG bouncY bouncY - Uncle Ian


basl33.jpg (9046 bytes) New Age Music For Industrial Areas
BASL33 - C60 - July 1990

Because there was some good material on BASL27 that we felt ought to be heard, and we had deleted most of our back catalogue, we produced this compilation of compilations in 1990.  Sadly the wave had passed and it never sold in any great quantity.

  • The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle - Kevin O'Neill
  • Biomechanoid - Biomechanoid
  • Safehouse - Uncle Ian & IG Farben
  • Interlude - Rob Andrews
  • The Ghost Of Hildegaard Coccyx - Rancid Poultry
  • Chameleon In The Post - Jellyfish On Vacation
  • SOW2 - Sea Of Wires
  • Matty Groves - Dave Morreale
  • She's So Alien - Industry
  • Elektron - Mark Jenkins
  • Beschneidener Erich - The Land Of Yrx
  • The Scream - Andy Pinches


  Uncle Ian (& The Tooth Decay)
basl12.jpg (29591 bytes) The Urban Picnic
BASL12 - C60 - June 1983

After The Land of Yrx (or, in fact, Aerie) had received its first bit of national press - a review in the magazine Electronics & Music Maker - we were contacted by another band who had been reviewed at the same time, Uncle Ian & The Tooth Decay from Petersfield in Hampshire.

After meeting Mark Francombe from the band in London we corresponded for a year or so until, with our first anniversary gig in Shrewsbury coming up we invited them to come and play with us.

Unfortuantely they were unable to bring their bass player, Helen Badham, or much equipment, so they decided that they would join in during our set rather than do one of their own.

The day after the gig they gave us the master tape of their "Urban Picnic" album, which had been reviewed not only in E&MM but also in Melody Maker, to release as it had never been properly marketed.  They literally drew the cover on the spot.

This was the turning point for the Land of Yrx Products label.

  • Uncle Ian & The Tooth Decay
  • The Smile
  • Radio Dog
  • Instant Inspiration
  • In 1955
  • 55 Tones
  • Concrete Windows Blues
  • The Urban Picnic'ers
  • Radio Telephone
  • Mystik In The Rain
  • Radio Vision
  • The Philosophy Of Xorb
  • Radio Batteur
  • Looking At The Moon

Mark Francombe:  Guitar/Electronics
Nick Elborough:  Keyboards/Electronics/Voice
Helen Badham:  Bass


basl17.jpg (20835 bytes) Zulu Trumpet
BASL17 - C60 - August 1984

Between 1983 and 1984 there were tapes flying forward and backward between Shrewsbury and Petersfield, plus the Land of Yrx venturing south in July 1983 to play with Uncle Ian, and the Ians returning the compliment in December 1983 and May 1984.

This album was compiled from two of the best of those tapes by Dave Gate, and became for a while the LOYP bestseller.  Sadly, although the bands continued to correspond and indeed gig together for a while longer all future Uncle Ian releases came from the Portsmouth 'Bite Back' label, and the band dissolved in 1985.   Mark went on to work with proto-Goth band 'The Cranes', and now lives and works in Oslo, Norway; while Nick went to work for video post production house Amity, after doing videos for The Cardiacs amongst others, although he also managed to keep the Uncle Ian name going for a while longer, and more recently has been running his own Production house, Paddywack.

  • Ice Station Zulu
  • Wring (The Blood)
  • New Flesh
  • Voices At The Door
  • Raga Mortis
  • Loathe Lorien
  • My Hydrofoil Lies Broken
  • Satan Came
  • What Else?

Mark Francombe:  Guitar/Electronics
Nick Elborough:  Keyboards/Electronics/Bass/Voice
IG Farben:  Guest Keyboards


  Jellyfish On Vacation
basl14.jpg (23459 bytes) Embryotomy
BASL14 - C30 - June 1983

Jellyfish On vacation was the working name of sometime Aerie and Land Of Yrx collaborator Richard Andrews and his musical partner Mark Hudson.

All the tracks on this album, and their appearances on two LOYP compilations were recorded live using very basic electronics, but with a marvellous sense of fun, and plenty of musical ability.

Amazingly we have recently been in touch with Richard again after more than 15 years, thanks to Friends Reunited, and he claims to have more material recorded.   Hopefully we will hear it soon.

  • Floatation
  • Optimus
  • THX1183
  • The Final Credits
  • Killing The William
  • Ogee
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Liquid Crystal
  • Accelleron
  • Evacuate The Temple, Honey
  • Cruising, That's Nice

Richard Andrews:  Keyboards/Electronics/Tapes
Mark Hudson:  Keyboards/Electronics/Tapes

  IG Farben
basl18.jpg (17894 bytes) Cries To The Sky
BASL18 - C60 - August 1984

IG (otherwise known as Simon Pointon) was an Uncle Ian collaborator from Portsmouth who later went on to form the band 1288 Cartel.

Uncle Ian sent us this tape at the same time as Zulu Trumpet, and it seemed to be a worthwhile thing to release, although the recording quality was nothing special.

Obviously influenced by Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, although more straightforwardly musical than either the tracks here are minimal, based on found sounds and speech recordings, and strangely haunting.

  • Arbeit Macht Frei
  • Invocation
  • Vault
  • Emblems & Rites
  • Burial Party
  • Wake
  • Chain
  • Hand Of Glory
  • New Dark Age (part one)
  • The Conformist
  • Under The Cold Wood
  • Decline
  • God Of Precision
  • Chain (version)
  • Fields Flame Around
  • Burning The Old
  • New Dark Age (part two)

Simon Pointon:  Guitars/Keyboards/Electronics/Tapes


  Rancid Poultry
basl26.jpg (23477 bytes) Rancid Riffs
BASL26 - C60 - November 1985

After The Land of Yrx's performance at UK Electronica 1985 in Sheffield we were approached by a couple of Yorkshiremen who had enjoyed our performance, bought a couple of tapes, and asked if they could send us something for consideration.

When this tape arrived it was a revelation - far from the slick and overproduced stuff that everyone else (including us) was starting to produce, this was raw, badly recorded, funny and just wonderful.   Of course we had to release it, and subsequently they just kept throwing stuff at us.

  • Screaming Roller Dragon
  • Tight Arse Groan
  • Bossanova In G
  • Ball O'String
  • Lambda Variation #2
  • The Piggy Song
  • Pete's In Field
  • Carved Sideboard Leg
  • Lambda Variation #1
  • Stuck On Yer Todd With A Madman
  • Horses
  • Klaus Shaved
  • Fazephlushout

Mackeral 'Rub It' Cloth:  Guitars/Bass/Electronics/Voice
Risotto Drake Erogenous:  Guitar/Electronics/Voice
Sterile Mucus Doves:  Keyboards


basl28.jpg (24992 bytes) Leyline Lords Of The Motorway Web
BASL28 - C60 - January 1986

A mere two months later, and a whole new Poulty sound.  A much more mature and considered work, whose cover also illustrates (if you'll pardon the pun) their visual artistry for the first time.

  • Poultrescent Introduction
  • Leyline Lords Of The Motorway Web/Spiral Galaxy 490018
  • Otley
  • Methane Avenue
  • Halo Round The Moon
  • Edgar Frozen
  • Stereotype
  • Dastardly Deeds At The Anus Of Time
  • The Weirded Lady
  • McRobert
  • Electro-Transport Jellyfish
  • Nitrous Oxide Funeral
  • French Is Now Mort

Mackeral 'Rub It' Cloth:   Guitars/Bass/Electronics/Harmonica/Percussion
Risotto Drake Erogenous:   Guitars/Electronics/Recorder/Harmonica/Percussion/Voice


basl32.jpg (28872 bytes) Midnight Disendowed
BASL31 - C60 - April 1986

By this point Rancid Poultry were the only active act on the label, and amazingly continued to send us brilliant masters despite the fact that most of their sales were coming from their own stomping ground of Bradford and Bingley.

Once again this was in improvement on the previous album.   Around this time we were trying to organise our third anniversary gig in Shrewsbury's Quarry Park, with ourselves, Uncle Ian and Rancid Poultry.   Unfortunately we had put too many backs up in a town that was and is very conservative (with both large and small c's), and we were not only prevented from playing but unable to get an alternative venue at short notice.

  • Surreal Fairdough
  • Glug One
  • Hot Yankee Disco Shuffle
  • Glug Two
  • Radishes Can Be Very Good/Food At Your Convenience
  • Glug Three
  • Oink
  • Glug Four And Last
  • Mummy, I Reely Luv You And I Want To Give You Sum Flowers - The Tale Of A Rejected Child (Including The Return Of The Disco Shuffler) - Part One (Excerpt)
  • Party In Wales
  • Heavy Metal
  • The Stolen Legs Of Arthur Eggs
  • Moebius Lepus

Mackeral 'Rub It' Cloth:   Guitars/Bass/Electronics/Keyboards/Percussion/Recorder/Voice
Risotto Drake Erogenous:   Guitars/Bass/Electronics/Keyboards/Percussion/Recorder/Voice


basl31.jpg (29815 bytes) Delicate Creatures
BASL32 - C60 - November 1986

The last album we did with the Rancids.  They were obviously pissed off by not being able to come and play in the park as they devoted a whole side of this album to the subject.  Sadly by this time Land of Yrx Products (and in a sense the band) existed in name only and it was starting to show.

Following this they went on to make loads of amazing music under a variety of names for numerous labels.  At the time of writing I have discovered that they have had at least one vinyl LP and one CD released, and some of them are still working under the name of 'The Post Rancid Poultry Band'.  Watch this space!

  • Lycurgis' Tragic Day
  • Strch Prst Skrz Krk
  • Bean
  • Beneath The Dead Sun
  • Forvilla Grove
  • Jacob Dogget's Coat And Badge Interred In A Vermin Rabbit Pustule - The Bandstand Bands Stand Banned

Mackeral 'Rub It' Cloth:   Bass/Guitar/Keyboards/Electronics/Voice
Risotto Drake Erogeous:   Keyboards/Guitar/Electronics/Flute/Voice
Sterile Mucus Doves:  Keyboards/Voice