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The Organization of the Seventh Regiment Association

It was not long after the war had ended that the leadership of the Seventh realized that it would be of great value, and a wonderful tribute, to all those brave men who served at one point or another with the Seventh Regiment. The following items will reflect some of the information surrounding these reunions and the overwhelming gratitude and loyalty these men shared with each other.

Washington City, D.C., July 12, 1866

  Dear Sir:

    On Tuesday evening, the 10th instant, a few of the old members of the Seventh Regiment O. V. I., who are now in this city, holding civil appointments in the various departments of the Government, met at the office of the Ohio State Agent, and enjoyed a pleasant social interview with our esteemed friend and late commander, General Tyler.

    After reviewing our campaign in Western Virginia, rehearsing many of the innumerable amusing anecdotes to which the wit of our Regiment first gave utterance- fighting o'er again, "in story", our battles- and pausing to shed a tear at the graves of our fallen comrades- the propriety of establishing a permanent organization of the Seventh was taken into consideration; and we, a Committee appointed to draft resolutions expressive of our views and wishes, presented the following, which were unanimously adopted:

    Whereas, the friendly and intimate relation existing between us, during the long and terrible struggle for the maintenance of our cherished institutions, resulted in awaking within our hearts a common sympathy and in uniting us together with the strong cords of brotherly affection: and Whereas, we are desirous of adopting some plan by which these relations may continue, and afford us occasions when we may meet together and review the happy incidents and thrilling scenes with which we have all been so familiar; Therefore be it

    Resolved, That we communicate with all who have honorably served in the Seventh, and ascertain whether or not they are in favor of having a "Re-Union Of The Seventh," at   Cleveland, Ohio, on the 10th of September proximo, and request each one to communicate his views on the subject to Captain J. B. Molyneaux of said city; and in case a favorable response is received-

    Resolved, That Generals E. B. Tyler, J. S. Casement, and G. W. Shurtleff, Colonels J. F. Asper, Samuel McClelland, James T. Sterling, E. J. Kreiger, and L. R. Davis, Major George L. Wood, Captains Molyneaux, Howe, McKay, Brown, Deforest, Wilcox, and Nesper, Lieutenants Dean and Baum, and Sergeants Smalley and Granger, be appointed and constituted a committee to make all necessary arrangements for said "Reunion".

    Resolved, That, in our opinion, when we are assembled, the following questions should be considered, and, so far as thought practicable, carried into effect:

1. That of forming a permanent organization of the Seventh Regiment.

2. That the chief object of the organization shall be to secure the happiness and welfare of its members, and advance their interests, and provide and care for the families of our wounded and fallen comrades.

3. That we enlist the sympathies and aid of the citizens of the Western Reserve, in our endeavors to procure a suitable and permanent place in which to hold our meetings, and in which our flags and war relics may be preserved.

4. That, in case a hall is preserved, we take measure to establish a reading room for the benefit of the members of the organization.

5. That measures be taken to recover the bodies of those of our fallen comrades who now lie buried in solitude, on a score of battle-fields, (where, if suffered to remain, all marks of their resting places will soon be obliterated, and they will thus be left forsaken, if not forgotten,)  and cause them to be placed in the Cemetery at Cleveland, Ohio, beside the gallant Creighton and Crane, where we may erect a suitable Monument to their memory, and thus show to the world that those who have fallen while defending our scared institutions will ever live in the hearts of the people they so nobly represented.

    Resolved, That the committee be instructed to send a copy of these Resolutions, together with an account of our meeting, to each surviving member of the Regiment, and also copies to the press of Cleveland and vacinity for publication.

    Very Respectfully,

    Wm. Saddler, late Co. A,

    C. H. Buxton, late Co. C,

    L. A. Wilson, late Co. D,

    Your Committee

This was ultimately the creation of the 7th O. V. I. Association

Head Quarters

7th O.V.I. Association

Cleveland, Ohio, July 14th, 1910.


    The 45th Annual Reunion of our Regiment will take place at Euclid Beach Park, near Cleveland, on August 25th, 1910.

    This date is commemorative of the many days of hardships, privations and dangers in 1862, when the Regiment assisted in defending the upper Rappahannock River, followed by the battles of Manassas and Chantilly.

    Comrades and their families, the 7th O.V.I. Memorial Association, Widows, Sons and Daughters of Veterans, are all invited to participate with us.

    Lunch baskets may be brought or refreshments may be had on the grounds at reasonable rates.

    Be on the grounds at 10 am if possible for Reunion. At 1 pm comrades will meet at the Theater for the Annual Business Meeting.

    Please notify the Secretary of any deaths of Comrades.

    Comrades who will be unable to attend the Reunion will please forward their annual dues, 50 cents, to the Secretary.

    The picture of the last of our field officers, dear, gallant, open handed General Jack Casement, whose death we deplore, will appear on our badge. The badge will be sent as a receipt to all who remit their dues.

By order,

M.M. Andrews,    President

Levi F. Bauder, Secretary

15 Wick Block, Cleveland, Ohio


"Our First Reunion"

Letter to Surviving Members

Cleveland, Ohio, August 14th, 1866.

Agreeably to the circular call issued from Washington City on the twelfth day of July, ultimo, the result of a meeting of the old members of the Seventh Regiment now residents of that city, and for the purpose of carrying into effect the project therein indicated, of bringing about a reunion of the surviving members of the Seventh, and of considering the propriety and feasibility of effecting a permanent organization of the regiment, the committee designated in the call to make the necessary arrangements met in this city on Monday evening, the 6th inst., and agreed upon Cleveland as the place and September 10th as the time for the occurrence of the designed reunion. A sub-committee was appointed to arrange the necessary details, and a proper hall for the assembling of those attending has been obtained and all other requisite arrangements made. It now only remains for the members of the regiment to unite heartily and earnestly in the execution of the plan in view, and thus rekindle the friendships formed in the long marches and terrible combats of three years and a half of war, and review the pleasant memories made around the bivouac fire and when resting for a time from the arduous duties of the active campaign. In addressing this call to the remaining members of the old Seventh, the committee feel it to be unnecessary to make any special appeal to the crowding recollections of their soldier life as an incentive to their attendance upon the reunion. We know the just and honorable pride which every member of the old Seventh feels in the unblemished record of that regiment, and we feel certain there are none who will not hail with the most profound satisfaction the opportunity that such a meeting as is proposed will furnish for cementing more closely our friendships and perpetuating the honorable deeds and dear memories of our career as Union soldiers. But if any incentive were needed to awaken a proper interest in the project we have in view, the claims upon us by dead brethren of Creighton and Crane, and the hundreds of others whose heroic deeds have added their full share of glory to the army of the Union and who attested with their lives their devotion to the Nation and to freedom-would be sufficient to inspire it. It is our duty that the names of those gallant soldiers should be graven in the imperishable marble, there to stand as eternal monitors to posterity awl an undying example of the sacrifices freedom may claim and receive of her children. To consecrate and perpetuate the memory of our dead comrades, record "the battles, sieges, fortunes we have passed," cement the friendships formed, group together in historic shape the memories amid incidents we would preserve, and devise such measures as may be thought necessary and expedient for our community good, are the cardinal objects of our proposed reunion. To the thorough and satisfactory accomplishment of these purposes a full attendance of the surviving members of the regiment is necessary, since there is no one but can add his mite to make up the general contribution. The committee confidently indulge the hope that such desired attendance will be had, and the result can then be no other than a success.

Upon the arrival of the members they will report at Garrett's Hall, corner of Euclid Avenue and Monument Park.

General Eramus B. Tyler, Chairman.

Captain Joseph B. Molyneaux, Secretary.

The surviving members of the Seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry held a meeting at Garrett’s Hall, commencing at 10 o’clock a.m., September 10th, 1866, pursuant to a call issued August 14th, 1866.

Colonel Samuel McClelland was appointed temporary chairman and Lieutenant H. Z. Eaton, Secretary.

Generals’ Tyler and Steedman made brief and pointed speeches relative to the object of the meeting while it was in waiting for the arrival of members from other places.

After a committee of five; consisting of Col. L. R. Davis, Maj. E. J. Krieger, Captain DeForest, Lieut. J. F. Palmer and Sergeant Levi F. Bauder, was appointed on permanent organization, the convention adjourned until 1 o'clock p. m.

The following gentlemen, surviving members of the Seventh Regiment O. V. I., were present at the forenoon session, the list being largely increased during the afternoon:

Gen. E. B. Tyler, Baltimore, Md.; Col. Samuel McClelland, Youngstown, 0.; Chaplain Frederick T. Brown, Chicago, Ill.; Maj. E. J. Kreiger, Cleveland, 0.; Col. L. R. Davis, Alliance, 0.; Capt. J. B. Molyneaux, Cleveland, 0.; Capt. William A. Howe, Cleveland, 0.; Lieut. D. A. Kimball, Cleveland, 0.; Capt. John G. Parsons, Cleveland, 0.; Lieut. H. Z. Eaton, Toledo, 0.; Capt. S. S. Reed, Rootstown, 0.; Lieut. S. T. Loomis, Painesville, 0.; Lieut. Jere G. Claflin, Cleveland, 0.; Capt. C. W. Nesper, Cleveland, 0.; J. C. Gazeley, Cleveland; Marcus Brockway, Cleveland, 0.; Fred Bock, Cleveland, 0.; Conrad Beckman, Cleveland, 0.; A. M. Clinton, Cleveland, 0.; William E. Forbey, Cleveland, 0.; Andrew Atloff, Cleveland, 0.; R. R. Peebles, Brunswick, 0.; William Seafert, Cleveland, 0.; Richard Windsor, Oberlin, 0.; W. Woodmansee, Oberlin, 0.; Joseph S. Clarke, Cleveland, 0.; Stephen Averill, Cleveland, 0.; Johnson Russell, Cleveland, 0.; Charles Cowan, Cleveland, 0.; Gus Ziemer, Cleveland, 0.; S. Lamphear, New Lisbon, 0.; L. M. Chapman, Broomfield, 0.; C. D. Bertholf, Broomfield, 0.; N. Twitchel,, Broomfield, 0.; G. M. Carter, Broomfield, 0.; A. S. Doles, Parkman, 0.; Samuel J. Sadler, Cleveland, 0.; James Baxter, Streetsboro, 0.; George Beardsley, Ravenna, 0.; Conrad Lammer,. Cleveland, 0.; A. A. Cavanah, Cleveland, 0.; Lewis Knight, Thompson, 0.; Ernst Zwicker, Cleveland, 0.; William Southwell, Cleveland, 0.; Fred Spencer, Cleveland, 0.; Thomas Sco- ville, Cleveland, 0.; W. H. Johnson, Cleveland, 0.; H. Blakelock, Cleveland, 0.; H. Fairchilds, Brownhelm, 0.; V. W. Hunt, Chagrin Falls, 0.; Martin V. Clark, Parma, 0.; S. C. Wheeler, Sandusky, 0.; L. A. Bartlett, Washington, D. C.; Thomas Walker, New Castle, Pa.; I. V. Burt, Cuyahoga Falls, 0.; John Gilanders, Oberlin, 0.; N. F. Bartlett, Huron, 0.; M. R. Hughes, Newburg, 0.; S. S. Hall, Broomfield, 0.; C. P. Rodenbaugh, Kent, 0.; L. A. Stanley, Ravenna, 0.; P. P. Foster, Macedonia, 0.; Saurin Reed, Berea, 0.; G. W. Golden, Hudson, 0.; Charles L. King, Ravenna, 0.; Enos T. Mills, Atwater, 0.; Albert Witherell, Fredonia Station, 0.; Marion F. Hoover, North Benton, 0.; Jacob Marks, Cleveland, 0.; R. Winzenreid, Cleveland, 0.; W. H. B. Williams, Cleveland, 0.; E. J. Couch, New Brighton, 0.; Lawrence Wilson, Washington, D. C.; L. G. DeForest, Cleveland, 0.; Levi F. Bauder, Cleveland, 0.; M. H. Whaley, Cleveland, 0.; David Bennett, Claridon, 0.; J. F. Harmon, Oberlin, 0.; Harry Wood, Fife Major, Geneva, 0.; William R. Bond. Cleveland, 0.; F. Michael, Cleveland, 0.; George Sahl, Cleveland, 0.; G. A. Furry, Cleveland, 0.; Lieut. T. Sweeney, Cleveland, 0.; S. Gill, Painesville, 0.; E. Hart, Geneva, 0.; F. Rockefeller, Cleveland, 0.; J. B. Northrup, Nelson, 0.; 0. C. Vanwagner, Chagrin Falls, 0.; J. Decker, Cleveland, 0.; John Chaffee, Mecca, 0.; John Pollock, Warren, 0.; C. A. Wood, Newburg, 0.; Lieut. I. King, North Bloomfield, 0.; Rev. 0. Hicks, Concord, 0.; W. J. Hutchinson, Willoughby, 0.; Christian Russer, Cleveland, 0.; J. A. Thompson, Ravenna, 0.; A. M. Halbert, Elyria, 0.; W. H. Poor, Windham, 0.; S. S. Fisher. Alliance, 0.; J. E. Avery, Oberlin, 0.; High B. Deeds, Youngstown, 0.; George H. Davis, Hudson, 0.; Frank Eldridge, Edinburg, 0.; C. H. Pelton, Painesville, 0. D. A. Reed, Newburg, 0.; G. W. Wellhouse, Newburg, 0.;Benjamin F. Hawkins, Burton, 0.; N. K. Hubbard, Geneva, 0.; A. Bishop, Ravenna, 0.; Henry Hoffman, Steubenville, 0.; William Cromwell, Mantua, 0., J. R. Baker, Seville, 0.; F. Bose, Chagrin Falls, 0.; E. W. Force, Chagrin Falls, 0.; A. C. Fisher, Chagrin Falls, 0.; P. H. Smith, Chagrin Falls, 0.; James Hunt, Newton Falls, 0.; Charles A. Parks, Mesopotamia, 0.; H. A. Weir, Warren, 0.; L. Austin, Newburg, 0.; R. Hine, Mecca, 0.; George Evans, East Cleveland, 0.; W. W. Hescock, Bristolville, 0.; J. C. Wood, Bristolville, 0.; I. N. Wilcox, Windham, 0.; S. S. Pelton, Barnesville, 0.; G. Z. Meigs, Painesville, 0.; A. W. Morley, Kirtland, 0.; M. Thorp, -; F. W. Brand, Cleveland, 0.; Eugene Murray, Concord, 0.; Ed Burr, Concord, 0.; Samuel Oliver, Cleveland, 0.; John Baptie, Chardon, 0.; H. Trulson, Painesville, 0.; Frank Cone, Painesville, 0.; John Allen, Painesville, 0.; W. A. Watrous, Ashtabula, 0.; W. P. Tisdel, Painesville, 0.; M. Fitzgerald, Painesville, 0.; S. Pullman, Painesville, 0.; J. Hennesey, Painesville, 0.; D. Pomeroy, Painesville, 0.; J. M. Lapham, Painesville, 0.; D. W. Walters, Painesville, 0.; H. H. Coe, Painesville, 0.; M. Osborn, Warren, 0.: Thomas P. Dixon, Clark, Pa.; F. Fowler, Elyria, 0.; R. .Maxfield, Cleveland, 0.; E. Armbuster, Cleveland, 0.; Charles Fagan, Cleveland, 0.; John Wilfred, -; H. H. Rhodes, Ravenna, 0.; A. Hungerford, -; E. C. Miller, Madison, 0.; Thomas M. Lander, Chagrin Falls, o.; Fred Jassaud, Cleveland, 0.; Jerome Lott, Madison, 0.; Frank Dutton, Cleveland, 0.; W. A. Orton, Perry, 0.; A. H. Burger, Cleveland, 0.; George Geylyn, New Milford, 0.; George Barrett, New Milford, 0.; B. Mulgrave, Geneva, 0.; S. J. Coon, Jefferson, 0.; Frank Manly, Cleveland, 0.; Gus Schmidt, 0.; F. Salbach, Cleveland, 0.; S. Sweet, Cleve., 0.; H. M. Jones, Huron, 0.; L. G. Watkins, Cleve., 0.; William Horn, Cleveland, 0.

Afternoon Session

The convention met pursuant to adjournment, the president, Colonel McClelland, in the chair.

The Committee on Permanent Organization reported as follows:

President: General E. B. Tyler

Vice-Presidents: Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McClelland, Major E. J. Kreiger, General John W. Sprague, Colonel A. T. Wilcox.

Permanent Secretary-Lieutenant H. Z. Eaton.

Temporary Secretary-Captain L. G. De Forest.

Treasurer-Captain Joseph B. Molyneaux.

Chaplain-Frederick T. Brown.

Order of Business

bulletPermanent organization of the society.
bulletResolutions of respect.
bulletTo consider the propriety of having a supper.
bulletTo consider the propriety of erecting a regimental monument.
bulletTo consider the policy of bringing together our dead.
bulletTo consider the propriety of collecting matter for a complete regimental record.
bulletGeneral business.
bulletThe report was adopted and the committee discharged.

Miscellaneous Business

The president was then conducted to the chair, and in taking his seat made a thrilling and touching address, reviewing the incidents and scenes in which this noble regiment played a conspicuous part, and feelingly referred to the honored dead of the regiment, Colonels Creighton and Crane, and the fallen heroes of their command. His speech was listened to with marked respect and attention. At its close the members of the regiment simultaneously rose and gave "three cheers and a tiger" for General Tyler and "three times three" for the "Seventh Regiment." The president then invited the chaplain of the regiment, Rev. F. T. Brown, to come upon the 'Stage and invoke divine favor upon the proceedings, which was done.

The vice-presidents were invited to the stand. The president stated the object of the meeting to be the permanent organization of the survivors of the regiment and the erection of a regimental monument.

On permanent organization, Qr. Mr. Loomis moved that a committee of five be appointed to report a constitution and resolutions. The chair appointed Chaplain Brown, Sergeant J. F. Harmon, Qr. Mr. Loomis, Sergeant-Major N. K. Hubbard and Joseph E. Clarke. The committee reported the following resolutions, which were taken up separately and adopted. The committee was not discharged but instructed to complete the constitution, which would be taken under consideration at the next annual meeting.


Whereas, In the good providence of God, we, formerly members of the Seventh Regiment 0. V. I., have been preserved from the dangers of war and the sickness of the camp during the suppression of the late terrible rebellion, and have been permitted to meet again in convention; therefore,

Resolved, That we give our hearty thanks to Almighty God for the many mercies of the past, and that we tender our heartfelt sympathies to the kinsmen and friends of our noble officers and men who have laid down their lives, and also to our brethren who, in body or limb, are still suffering from sickness or wounds.

Resolved, That we unite in a society to be called the Society of the Survivors of the Seventh Regiment 0. V. I.

Resolved, That the officers of this society shall consist of a president, four vice-presidents, temporary and permanent secretaries and a treasurer.

Resolved, That the society shall have an annual festive meeting in the city or place selected the previous year, which shall be opened by an oration or speech from some member of the regiment, selected at a previous meeting, and followed by a dinner, toasts, etc.

Resolved, That as speedily as possible we proceed to procure a suitable lot in the Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, and erect thereon a monument to the memory of our heroic dead; and also that any money that may be in the hands of the treasurer after the expenses of erecting the monument be distributed among the widows and orphans of the dead and among the maimed and wounded members of the Seventh.

It was decided to have a supper in the evening, and the chair appointed the following gentlemen to make necessary arrangements: Captain Molyneaux, Colonel Davis, Captain Howe, Lieutenant Claflin and A. M. Clinton.

The committee subsequently reported that arrangements for the supper had been made with Colonel Ross, of the American House, to take place at 9 o'clock in the evening. The report was adopted and the committee discharged.

On the propriety of erecting a regimental monument Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, the committee was assured by Mr. Steadman, city sexton, that the authorities in Cleveland would cheerfully donate a lot in that cemetery for the purpose contemplated. A vote of thanks was tendered to Mr. Steadman for his kindness and effort in advancing the interest of the convention in this matter.

An executive committee of five, consisting of Captain DeForest, Molyneaux and Howe, Lieutenant Bohm and Sergeant Bauder, was appointed to perfect a plan and raise funds for the erection of the monument. General Tyler was subsequently made chairman of the committee.

The officers chosen for the present meeting were, on motion, authorized to act as officers of the association for the ensuing year.

The Cleveland Turn Verein presented a beautiful banner to the regiment at Camp Dennison prior to its

Going out of the State, and having expressed a desire to get the banner back, to be placed in their hall on Ohio Street, to be preserved as a relic of the Seventh Regiment, on motion Major Krieger, Lieutenant Bohm and Captain Nesper, members of the Turn Verein and also members of the association, were appointed by the chair to return the banner to the Cleveland Turn Verein with this positive injunction: "To preserve it and never allow it to be carried except by a member of the regiment, and then by permission of this association."

It was decided, when the convention adjourned, to meet in Cleveland, March 23rd, 1867, the anniversary of the Battle of Winchester, at which Stonewall Jackson confessed himself defeated for the first and only time during the war.

Chaplain Brown was, by a unanimous and enthusiastic vote of the convention, selected to deliver the address at the next annual meeting.

The questions arose whether those persons belonging to the regiment, during the "three months service," could become members of the association. To test the sense of the meeting a vote was taken and it was decided unanimously that they could become members, and they were accordingly cordially invited to join with the rest in the contemplated work.

To defray the expenses of the present meeting, the members voluntarily contributed fifty cents each, and the committee having charge of the preliminary arrangements were authorized to reimburse what had been dispersed and place the remainder in the hands of the treasurer.

The convention then adjourned to the American House, where a supper was served at 9 o’clock. After supper the camp fire was held, which was greatly enjoyed by all present.


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