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Making a Gourd Snowman

snowman gourdsnowman gourdThis is one of my favorite projects!!! Just be careful .....Everyone that sees your snowman will want one ;-) Not to mention.... it's a great way to use those thin or cracked bottle gourds.



You will need:
Small Bottle Gourd
Scrap Material, Felt, Socks, etc. (used for making the scarf and hat)
White Spray Paint (optional)
Paste Snow (such as Aliene's™)
Acrylic Paints (colors of your choice)
Black Paint Pen
Small Buttons
Hot Glue Gun or fast drying Liquid Glue




Start with a clean, Bottle Gourd. If you want the gourd to stand and it won't do it on it's own the bottom can be cut off now and patched with felt. I like to cut the bottoms off and clean out the gourds just for my own piece of mind, so that I know bugs or mold won't be a problem for his owner two or three years down the road!! (I prefer to cut off the bottom, clean out the seeds and re-bleach, then coat the entire gourd (inside and out) with Kilz® and add some rice on the inside (for noise) and patch the hole with mesh)

Then it's time to coat the entire gourd with snow. This will be much easier and take much less snow (which is a bit expensive), if you have done like I suggested above and coat the gourd with Kilz® or spray paint it white first! Also, try not to get the face area too bumpy! It will make painting the face difficult. I also like to spray a light top coat of clear acrylic just to keep the snow from yellowing too much over time.

Let the snow dry completely and coat again if needed. You can also build up any flat spots on the gourd with a little extra snow.

Once the snow is completely dry it's time to start the fun part! I like to make the face first and then dress him. However, you may find you like to do it the other way around.

The entire face can be painted or buttons can be used for the eyes. I have even made little noses out of paper mache or clay. I find it much easier to make the mouth with a fine, black paint pen, rather than using a brush.

After the face is completely dry you can begin decorating the snowman with felt, buttons, sequins, mini flowers, and embellishments, etc. I have made little pockets, scarfs, hats, aprons, and everything else I could imagine. Get creative!