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The Ultimate Wood Burner.....

advanced woodburner
Detail Master Professional Burners
$ 99.99 - $174.99

$ 29.99 ea.
(sold seperately)

Wide Selection of
Replaceable Tips
$ 7.99 ea.
(sold seperately)

Purchase all three to make a complete system. The tips slip into the handpiece and can be interchanged as often as needed.

Purchasing your first professional burning unit can seem quite confusing. You will notice there are three different models of the base unit . The difference in them is their heat range and the number of pens you can plug in at once. I use the "Sabre" model and burn a considerable amount. It provides more than enough heat for me and it never surges like with other brands I have used. I should also add that the "Sabre" model only has one plug for a pen and I have yet to wish it had two ;-) I find it easy enough to just change out the tips!

I really think that the "Dagger" model (which is the least expensive) would have even been enough for me! I would highly suggest buying the least expensive unit if you aren't sure how much you will really use it.