Just our humble way of saying, "Thanks!", or "Great Job!" to some EXTREMELY RADICAL  BMX Sites...


  Go BMX: As far as we're concerned, this is The Best Site! on the Web for those of us that race in both Washington and Oregon. Product reviews, race & track info, and soooo much more!!   



BMXtreme.com: Wow! This is a great site for BMX news, interviews, Questions & Answers, chat, and just about everything else you can think of...Give it a "click", and let us know what YOU think!!



Gene's BMX, Home of Over 1000 BMX Links!:  This is a new and absolutely GREAT page...do yourself a favor (if you race in WASHINGTON State)...Check It Out!!



ABA BMX Home Page:  Top standings for ALL divisions, including Washington #03.This page requires some "surfing" technique...Sorry!
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Paved Paradise at backlashbmx.com:   Not enough words to describe this action-packed  video site...may cost you a buck or two to download, but then... how serious are you?



BMX Mania.com:  A totally awesome, all encompassing Web site for all of you BMX Maniacs! Into Vert? Flatland? Freestyle? Old School? If you can ride it, these guys cover it....



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