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Distinguishing and buying

Many commercial swords are made impure, the alloy is usually mixed with other types of cheap steel. Some people say unwanted car parts are usually what they add to this impurity. The by product however, can still be easily percieved as a true Namphi to the untrained eyes.

The true Namphi does not come without its defects. As a rule the true Namphi blade is not as smooth and shiny compared to stainless steel or chromium swords. The blade will have spots or grains in various places. As opposed to the 'too perfect' blade which impurities are added to make it outstanding and resisting rust, the Namphi steel does rust.

If you are looking for the true Namphi swords I suggest you buy swords directly from the swordmakers in the village that you can totally trust. For me, they are the ones that I can walk around their backyard and see for myself what they are doing.

However, if you are only concerned with the elegance and beauty of Namphi swords, impure steel can be a better choice which are more easier to find. Although most merchants will claim that theirs is pure, make sure you don't get tricked for a fake sword.

Look for these spots and minor imperfections in the sword.
The true Namphi should never be too shiny and smooth.