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A Letter to the Chinese Media

    The best way to learn Chinese is to read Chinese classics. Similarly, the best way to learn English is to study good English literature. However, the people in China who try to learn English are often hindered by the differences between Chinese culture and the cultures of the western countries. In addition, Chinese classics enable one to remain peaceful when the society is in turmoil, see the long term vision when most people are short-sighted, strengthen virtue when everyone else only see the dollar signs, appreciate beauty in ordinary life, and seek prosperity for all. Furthermore, the Chinese media should not belittle itself and consider itself as merely a money making enterprise. The daily message it gives to the readers has a deep influence on the public in the long run. Therefore, the best way for the students in China to learn English is to study the English translations of Chinese classics.

    Self-centered leadership or the strategy of isolation from the world community will be phased out in the modern world. China should not expect foreigners to understand the grandeur of Chinese culture or the quality of their merchandise through learning Chinese because it is too difficult for them to do so. The lack of communication skills only results in an impediment for friendship and business dealings. In the modern world, lack of English skills means lack of communication skills. China must rely on English to reach out other countries for easy communications and for success in diplomacy and business.

    I live in Manhattan, Kansas and have worked with local librarians to translate Chinese poems and literary essays for more than ten years. I have a private web site showing my work on various projects. From 1/19/2007 to 1/14/2023, more than 98,990 western readers visited my web site: http://www.lcwangpress.com. They are strangers to Chinese culture, but they show great interest in my English versions of Chinese poems and literary essays. A professor in the English department at Kansas State University encouraged me to publish them in the newspapers in the U.S. because he thought the publications in the U.S. lacked good content. The Chinese media work very hard to improve students' English writing. I wonder if your newspaper is interested in publishing some of my translations of Chinese poems and literary essays into English. It may also help increase the circulation of your newspaper. If you are interested in reading my proposal for publishing translations of classical Chinese essays and poetry, please visit http://www.lcwangpress.com./ads/proposal-general.htm or e-mail me (my e-mail address: lcwangpress@yahoo.com).


Mr. Li-Chung Wang
L. C. Wang Media Syndicate