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      1. Poetry: 1. red cliff, dong-po su 2. eighth wei, fu du 3. ba cao, fu du 4. lotus, chang-ling wang 5. grief, zhen yuan 6 wine cup; qi-ji xin 7. eulogy, yuan-ming tao 8. bamboo, yu-xi liu 9. slow tune; qing-zhao li 10. fortuneteller, you lu 11. endless sorrow, ju-yi bai 12. nian-nu, kui jiang, 13. fishermen, zhi-he zhang 14. autumn, hao cheng 15. flowers, yong liu 16. peacock flies southeast 17. butterfly; bang-yan zhou 18. noble love; yuan-ming tao 19. short-lived flowers; yuan-ming tao 20. mountain life; wei wang 21. beautiful woman; yu li 22. serene melody, yu li 23. ravens; yu li 24. moonlit river, ruo-xu zhang 25. golden door; yan-yi feng 26. e-pang; mu du 27. express feelings; xiu ou-yang 28. goddess; xian zhang 29. lotus; zhuang wei 30. water clock; ting-yun wen 31. mulberry; xiu ou-yang 32 body, soul; yuan-ming tao 33. stone drums; yu han 34 river snow; zhong-yuan liu 35. daughter; ying-wu wei 36. partridge, wen-ying wu 37. magnolia; shu yan 38. traveling son; jiao meng 39. cicada; shang-yin li 40. yu han; shang-yin li 41. difficult journey; bai li 42. zither; shang-yin li 43. wu mountain; he li 44. poor girl; tao-yu qin 45. xiang chen; ting-jian huang 46. creek; guan qin 47. fortuneteller; dong-po su 48. calm waves; dong-po su 49. da-yu; zhi-wen song 50. stars moon; bang-yan zhou 51. riverside; dong-po su 52. eternal union; qing-zhao li 53. ode to mu-lan; mounted soldier 54. song-ling yang; yuan-ming tao 55. story of wine; yuan-ming tao 56. nostalgia; yuan-ming tao 57. cousin; yuan-ming tao 58. gui-nian li; fu du 59. climb high, fu du 60. hidden fragrance; kui jiang 61. large pearl; yu li 62. night attic; fu du 63. sparse shadows; kui jiang 64. lament by the river; fu du 65. ascend tower; fu du 66. season proceed; yuan-ming tao 67. wu-ling; qing-zhao li 68. phoenix platform; qing-zhao li 69. intoxicated shade; qing-zhao li 70. fishermen proud; qing-zhao li 71. clump of flowers; xian zhang 72. untitled, laurel; shang-yin li 73. lady pistil 74. father country; yan zhang 75. ke jing; yuan-ming tao
      2. Prose: 1. bamboo; yu-cheng wang 2. burial; shou-ren wang 3. bao-chan; an-shi wang 4. stone inscriptions; qing-zhao li; 5. stone chimes; dong-po su 6. ambition; qi-chao liang 7. yu-han; dong-po su 8. yuan li; yu han 9. nephew; yu han 10. humpback; zong-yuan liu 11. hourglass; yu-cheng wang 12. cropland; gong-fu qian 13. transcendental; dong-po su 14. liang zhang; dong-po su 15. shao-qing ren; qian si-ma 16. zhong-lian lu; qin 17. gui cao; war 18. zhu-ge’s letter 19. orchid gazebo; xi-zhi wang 20. northern mountain; zhi-gui kong 21. zhi-tui jie; reward 22. ling li replied wu su 23. chu yan persuaded 24. zhe chu persuaded 25. yi yue replied 26. si li asked 27. ji zou; advice 28. cuo si-ma argued 29. uncle jian cried 30. jiao meng; yu han 31. congratulate; zong-yuan liu 32. bi-yan, xiu ou-yang 33. prisoners; xiu ou-yang 34. old battlefield, hua li 35. zi-chan reduced taxes 36. kun chun-you 37. zou; letter in jail 38. advice; zheng wei 39. epitaph; xiu ou-yang 40. king teng; bo wang 41. plaint; mi li 42. zhi yang; xiu ou-yang 43. drunkard gazebo, xiu ou-yang 44. lu's advice; dong-po su 45. mental; xun su 46. pagoda trees; dong-po su 47. going home; yuan-ming tao 48. accept caldron 49. mr. five-willow-trees 50. kun chun-yu; humor 51. springhead; yuan-ming tao 52. sound of autumn; xiu ou-yang 53. admonish defending generals 54. not watch fishing 55. xuan feng; meng-chang 56. advise fan to reduce tax 57. not die; react to king's death 58. destroy xia-yang city 59. blessing rain; dong-po su 60. qi han; che su 61. cabin, yu-xi liu 62. ju tang succeeded 63. empress wu; bin-wang luo
      3. Physics and mathematics: 1. axioms of mechanics 2. reduction to absurdity 3. 歸謬證法 4. speciosity; differential equations 5. existence; uniqueness; effectiveness 6. mathematical methods; essence; insightfulness 7. ordinary differential equations; effective; accessible 8. mathematical induction; train 9. 數學方法;要旨 10. 效能;存在性 11. 常微分方程;有效

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         L. C. Wang Press was established in 1987. Its web site,, was created in 2001. From 1/19/2007 to 1/14/2023, reached 7,567 organizations (in Argentina, Australia, Austria, the Bahamas, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroun, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hrvatska, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam), and served 98,999 readers. During the same period, there have been 583,206 requests by robots to update and enrich the data bases for their search engines. The total page views exceeded 1,836090 during this period. For the current web statistics of, please click one of the following reports: General Summary, Traffic Report, Request Report.
          Seeking truth, virtue, and beauty is human nature. There is always an enormous demand for good poems, essays, and philosophies of science. L. C. Wang press provides free access to Anthology of Chinese Literary Essays (translated to English), Anthology of Chinese Poetry (translated to English), and The Philosophy of Mechanics to entertain and serve the world public. The essays and poems are contained in separate folders on the website The Philosophy of Mechanics is contained in the website\physics.

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          Most of the authors of the poems and literary essays displayed in devoted their entire lives to philosophy and literature. The classic status of these poems and essays has been tested and affirmed for the last several thousand years and will surely continue to last another thousand years.

    4. To build a prosperous and peaceful community.
          The long term prosperity of a community relies on integrity and work ethic as well as technology. This is exactly what the poems and essays displayed in talk about. Furthermore, they present these concepts to readers in an interesting and artistic manner. Like a teacher and friend, they broaden people’s vision and promote harmony in a community.

    5. To pursue a quality life and brighten the future of humanity.
          Material lives should be balanced by the spiritual side. The philosophy contained in the poems and essays may provide a solution to balancing a life trapped in the material success. All the problems in America can only be solved through education. The material contained in helps provide some guidelines for improving America’s higher education.

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