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Li-Chung Wang's Proposal

Dear Sir/Madam,

    The following is my proposal for publishing translations of classical Chinese essays and poetry:

Column title:
Classical Chinese Prose and Poetry

    If one reads carefully, every classical work of Chinese prose and poetry has its value. Some are valuable to a specific field, social class, or age group. Others may be valuable to life in general. Some may require one to look beyond mythology in order to extract their creativity and deep meanings. Although there are hundreds of classical works of Chinese prose and poetry, I will choose only 23 essays, 28 poems written during the Tang dynasty, and 19 prose-poems written during the Song dynasty that are most valuable to the general public. I revise my work constantly to closely match the author's true meaning. In the following I list the titles of these essays and poems. I would like you to publish them. These essays and poems may not be in their final forms, but they may give you some ideas about their contents.

23 essays
  1. The Transcendental Stone Overlook (Su, Dong-po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/transcendental.htm
  2. Yue-yang Tower (Fan, Zhong-yan)
  3. The Virtuous Cropland (Qian, Gong-fu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/cropland.htm
  4. Yi Jia (Su, Dong-po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/yi-gea.html
  5. Going Home (Tao, Yuan-ming) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/home.htm
  6. The Springhead in a Blooming Peach Grove (Tao, Yuan-ming) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/peach.htm
  7. Mayor Wei built a New Tower Outside Yong-zhou City (Liu, Zong-yuan)
  8. Preface to the Collection of Poems at the Orchid Gazebo (Wang, Xi-zhi)
  9. The Bamboo Towers on the Yellow Mountain Peak (Wang, Yu-cheng)
  10. Farewell to Zhi Yang (Ou-yang, Xiu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/zither.html
  11. Ode to the Sound of Autumn (Ou-yang, Xiu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/autumn.htm
  12. Lament For The Old Battlefield (Li, Hua) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/battlefield.htm
  13. Congratulations to Yuan Li on His Return to the Winding Valley (Han, Yu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/valley.htm
  14. The Mountains of Stone Chimes (Su, Dong-po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/bell.html
  15. Epilogue of Records of the Inscriptions on Bronze and Stone (Li, Qing-zhao)
  16. A Statement of Plaint Submitted to the Emperor (Li, Mi) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/plaint.htm
  17. Liang Zhu-ge's Letter Written Before He Set Out on a Campaign I (Zhu-ge, Liang)
  18. Duke Zhuang Conquered Duan at Yan City (Excerpted from Zuo's Extended Version of the Spring-fall Annals) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/filial.htm
  19. Ode to Mu-lan (Anonymous) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-before-tang/mu-lan.html
  20. A Revised Collection of Zhi Lu's Advice (Su, Dong-po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/advice-lu.htm
  21. Ode to the Red Cliff (I) (Su, Dong-po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/red-cliff-1.html
  22. Visiting Bao Zen Mountain (Wang, An-shi) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/bao-chan-mountain.htm
  23. Travelers' Burial. (Wang, Shou-ren) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/burial-of-travelers.htm

28 poems written during the Tang dynasty
  1. Mountain Life at Sunset in Autumn (Wang, Wei)
  2. Farewell to My Guest at the Lotus Tower (Wang, Chang-ling)
  3. Inscription on the Wall of the Post North of Da-yu Mountain (Song, Zhi-wen)
  4. Drinking Alone beneath the Moon (Li, Bai)
  5. Farewell to Uncle Yun at Xie-tiao Tower in Xuan-zhou City (Li, Bai)
  6. Climbing Shu Path Is difficult (Li, Bai)
  7. A Difficult Journey (Li, Bai)
  8. The View in Spring (Du, Fu)
  9. When the Guest Arrives (Du, Fu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/guest.htm
  10. To Hermit Eighth Wei (Du, Fu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/to-hermit-eighth-wei.htm
  11. Soldiers and Chariots (Du, Fu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/soldiers-chariots.htm
  12. Giving My Daughter Away to the Yang Family (Wei, Ying-wu)
  13. Four Songs at the Foot of the Great Wall (Lu, Lun)
  14. Farewell to Duan Li (Lu, Lun)
  15. The Song of a Traveling Son (Meng, Jiao) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/traveling-son.htm
  16. Night Docking at the Maple Bridge (Zhang, Ji) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/maple-bridge.htm
  17. The Song of Stone Drums (Han, Yu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/song-of-stone-drums.html
  18. A River in Snow (Liu, Zong-yuan) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/river-snow.htm
  19. Grass (Bai, Ju-yi) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/grass.htm
  20. The Song of Endless Sorrow (Bai, Ju-yi)
  21. Venting My Grief (Yuan, Zhen) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/vent-my-grief.htm
  22. Ode to E-pang Palace (Du, Mu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/essays/e-pang-palace.html
  23. The Cicada (Li, Shang-yin) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/cicada.html
  24. The Ornate Zither (Li, Shang-yin) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/zither-shang-yin-li.html
  25. Untitled I (Li, Shang-yin) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/untitled-li-1.html
  26. Untitled II (Li, Shang-yin) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/untitled-li-3.html
  27. Up to an Amusement Park on a Plateau (Li, Shang-yin) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/up-to-a-plateau.html
  28. Letter to My Wife on a Rainy Night (Li, Shang-yin) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-tang/rainy-night.html

    Prose-poems written in the Song dynasty usually had no titles. Prose-poems were to be sung, so they used their melody titles as their titles. You should not be surprised if a poem's content does not match its melody title. If you find (2) attached to a title in the following list, it means that this is the author's second poem with the same melody title.

19 Prose-poems written during the Song dynasty
  1. Responses to My Readings (Zhu, Xi) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/responses-to-my-readings.html
  2. An Impromptu Poem Written in Autumn (Cheng, Hao) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/impromptu-poem-written-in-autumn.html
  3. To the Tune of "Yu, the Beautiful Woman" (Li, Yu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/yu-the-beautiful-woman-yu-li.html
  4. To the Tune of "The Ravens Cawed at Night" (Li, Yu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/ravens-cawed-at-night-yu-li.html
  5. The Girl I Met Yesterday (Zhang, Xian)
  6. To the Tune of "Magnolia" (Yan, Shu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/magnolia-shu-yan.html
  7. To the Tune of "Gathering Mulberries" (Ou-yang, Xiu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/gather-mulberries-xiu-ou-yang.html
  8. To the Tune of "Expressing My Innermost Feelings" (Ou-yang, Xiu) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/express-my-inner-feelings.htm
  9. To the Tune of "The Fortuneteller" (Su, Dong-Po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/fortuneteller-dong-po-su.html
  10. To the Tune of "Calming the Wind and the waves" (Su, Dong-po) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/calm-the-wind-and-the waves-dong-po-su.html
  11. To the Tune of "A Riverside Town" (Su, Dong-po)

  12. A Yard filled with Fragrance (Qin, Guan)

  13. To the Tune of "The Fortuneteller" (Lu, You) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/fortuneteller-you-lu.html
  14. To the Tune of "Jade Wine Cup" (Xin, Qi-ji)
  15. Charming Nian-nu (Jiang, Kui) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/charming-nian-nu-kui-jiang.html
  16. Sparse Shadows (Jiang, Kui) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/sparse-shadows.html
  17. To the Tune of "Springtime in Wu-ling City" (Li, Qing-zhao) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/springtime-in-wu-ling-city-qing-zhao-li.html
  18. To the Tune of "A Slow Tune" (Li, Qing-zhao) http://www.lcwangpress.com/poems-song/slow-tune-qing-zhao-li.html
  19. To the Tune of "Joy of Eternal Union" (Li, Qing-zhao)

    You may search Wikipedia or Britannica to find the biographies of the above authors.

Quality is more important than quantity. The readers also need time to digest the material. I will e-mail you one story (essay or poem) in Microsoft Word format (doc) each week. If you prefer the web format, I can e-mail you my story in html or htm format.

    For national media outlets, the copyrights of my work in your country will first come, first serve. Once you accept my proposal, you automatically obtain the copyrights in your country. I will not sell my stories to another media enterprise in your country. In my opinion, good literature should be popularized all over the world so that everyone can benefit from it. Because every country has its own effective media, I will preserve my rights to publish my work in countries other than yours. It is of no use for you to have the copyrights in countries outside yours. If your media enterprise is not national, then you cannot have the copyrights of my work because it does not comply with the goal of popularizing the legacy of Chinese classics all over the world. However, you can obtain the permission from L. C. Wang Media Syndicate for publication until a national media enterprise acquires the copyrights.

Price Policy
I will not set the price because I want it to be reasonable and affordable to every media enterprise in the world. Your newspaper may set the price based on how it pays other story contributors. You may set a temporary price and later increase or decrease it. I really do not mind.

    If you have any other questions or want to modify my proposal, please e-mail me (my e-mail address: lcwangpress@yahoo.com).


Li-Chung Wang
L. C. Wang Media Syndicate