Eunuch P Went to See King Wen

Tzuoo's Interpretation of Spring-Fall

    Generals H and L were afraid of being persecuted by the King of Country Gin, Wen. They decided to burn the palace and kill the king. Eunuch P discovered the conspiracy and went to see the king. King Wen refused to see him and sent someone to rebuke him. The messenger delivered the king's words to Eunuch P: "Regarding your first attempt to kill me at City P'u, my father asked you to arrive there in two days. You arrived in one day. Later, I hunted with the King of Country D by River Wei. You tried to search for me and kill me. My brother asked you to arrive at River Wei in three days, but you arrived in two days. I understand that you were ordered by the kings to assassinate me, but I wonder why it was so urgent for you to carry out the orders. I still have the sleeve that you cut from my clothes. You should leave."

    Eunuch P responded, "I thought after you gained your kingship you would come to understand that I have always been loyal to you. If you do not trust me, a disaster will befall you again. Since ancient times the law has dictated that subjects obey a king's order. I am doing my best to help eliminate your enemies. City P'u and Country D could not have stood a single blow from my troops. Do you think you will never encounter a disaster like that in City P'u or Country D just because you have become the king? King Huan of Country Chyi appointed Kwan to the position of Prime Minister, although Kwan had once shot an arrow that hit the fastener of the belt that King Huan was wearing. If you do not want to be like King Huan, I will volunteer to leave Country Gin. You need not order me to leave. Perhaps there are many others who would want to leave such a king, not just me."

    The king met Eunuch P who then reported the murder plot. King Wen met the King of Country Ch'in secretly at City W. At the end of the month, Generals H and L set the palace on fire. They could not find the king. These two generals were lured to the river where the King of Ch'in ambushed them and killed them.