The Garden Party on a Spring Evening

Li, Bai (701A.D.-762A.D.)

    The world is a hotel that houses all things. Time is a passenger who sees hundreds of generations. On such a scale, one's life is just like a dream. How long can we enjoy ourselves? This is the reason why ancient people lit candles to have parties at night. Spring brings us beautiful pictures and nature inspires us to write great essays. In this beautiful garden of plum and peach trees, our family meets together and has a good time. All my younger brothers are as talented as Hui-lian Xie 1. The only shame I feel is that my spontaneous poetry can not compete with Duke Kang-le's 2, We continue to appreciate the beauty of dainty flowers. At the same time we indulge ourselves in discussing certain topics to gain better understanding. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, we have a wonderful dinner. We toast each other and get drunk under the moonlight. If we fail to present good poetry, how can we express our delicate feelings? Anyone who can not write a good poem should be penalized by drinking three cups of wine.

1 Hui-lian Xie was a younger brother of the poet, Ling-yun Xie, during the Jin dynasty. The former was praised by the latter. Consequently, later generations called a good younger brother "Hui-lian Xie".

2 Poet Ling-yun Xie inherited his ancestor's title as Duke Kang-le (healthy and happy). Therefore, later generations called him Kang-le Xie.